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Synthesize Me #218

todayApril 2, 2017

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סינת’פופ. לא מילה גסה…
השידור החי הראשון שפותח את שידורי הנסיון של רדיו פלוס.
ספיישל של ארבע שעות עם מוסיקה אלקטרונית חדשה וישנה , עם אורן עמרם.

Hour 1

Cyborgdrive feat. Insight – A Place in Time
Eurasianeyes – Call Your God
After The Rain – Mirrored Eyes
Edenfeld – Secret Diary
Eisfabrik – Walking Towards The Sun
Mesh – The Last One Standing
Second Version – Just Leave Us Alone
reAdjust – Promised Land
Zynic – My Personal Kryptonite
Real Experts featuring Neil Francis – Yet
B Movie – Nowhere Girl
NamNamBulu – Mind

Hour 2

Alphaville – Heartbreak City
Etage Neun – Void
Matt Springfield – Things I’ve Said (People Theatre’s Electropop Version)
Katja von Kassel – Lies
Midnight Resistance – Under Glass (Oren Amram Clubmix)
Rebentisch – Borderliner Bipolar
Rroyce – (It Smells like) War
T.O.Y – The Darkness And The Light
Telekon – Lost for the first time
WANT/ed feat. Miranda Cartel – My Pride
Empathy Test – Here Is The Place
B side spot #87 – Massive Attack – Euro Zero Zero
Synthpoplover 80’s spot #91 – Real Life – Send Me An Angel

Hour 3

Mono Inc. feat. Ronan Harris – Boatman
Rename – The Boxer
Endless Shame – Pure
Eurotix – Conquer The Universe
De/Vision – We Fly… Tonight
M.I.N.E – Things We’ve Done
Eminent sol – Sway
Peter Wilson – Brokenhearted
DM spot #63 – Depeche Mode – Photographic (Rex the Dog Dubb Mix)
Parralox – The Day Before You Came
Diorama – Polaroids
Diary Of Dreams – Butterfly dance

Hour 4

Within Temptation – Sinead (VNV Nation Club Mix)
Beborn Beton – Last Day On Earth (Extended Remix)
Janosch Moldau – Sweetest Heart (People Theatre Presence Mix)
Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène, Pt. VIII (Dado’s Ethnic Remix)
Ultranoire – Phantom
Future Perfect – Rip
Christopher Anton – In Silence
SonicWhiteOut – American
Caleidoscop – And Then It Ends
Ds73 feat. Ems Loxley – After The Reign
!distain – I Beg For You (Remixed By Arsine Tibe)
Royal visionaries – Peace Rain Down (Fill The World With Love)

Written by: אורן עמרם

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