New Dreams For Old

New Dreams For Old #103

todayJune 11, 2019 1

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1. Erotic Elk
The Living Pain

2. Omnimar

3. Embrace the Crisis

4. Supercraft
All You’ll Ever Be

5. Beyond Obsession
On My Way

6. Agent Side Grinder
This Is Us

7. Vanguard

8. Vanguard
Don’t Forsake Me

9. Ironic Sweden

10. JanRevolution
Chasing Through the Night

11. Planet Neil

12. Nature Of Wires
Human Nature
(People Theatre’s Remix)

13. Indie Moon
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
cover by People Theatre and
Indie Moon

14. Empathy Test
A River Loves a Stone


1. Binary Park
Welcome Home

2. Electro Spectre
Your Love Is a Criminal

3. Mondträume
Free (Aesthetische Mix)

4. Controlled Collapse

5. Diversant:13
Man Made God

6. Diversant:13
Last Return

7. Rotersand

8. Torul
If You So Wish (2011 Version)

9. Boy Harsher
Come Closer

10. Seelennacht
Love Is Torn Apart

11. Michigan
Control Of Me (April Mix)

12. Eisfabrik
Die letzte Seefahrt

13. Signal Aout 42
The New World

Written by: אורן עמרם

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