1. Boytronic
Luna Square (again)

2. Boytronic
You Can’t Get Fooled By Love

3. Am Tierpark
Kings of Failure

4. Jonteknik
We Are Volcanic

5. Torul
Waterproof Theme (Aqualite remix)

6. Propaganda
How much love

7. The Human League

8. Acretongue

9. Analogue X
Facade (Single Edit)

10. In Good Faith
Someone (ReMic-L_Long Version)

11. Neuroticfish
Opposite Of Me


1. Psy’Aviah
Voodoo Love
ft. Roeland van der Velde

2. Psy’Aviah
Hold On ft. Mark Bebb

3. People Theatre
Forever (feat. Henrik Iversen)

4. Johan Baeckström

5. !distain
I Beg For You

6. darwinmcd
Click (feat. Eric C. Powell)
[XTended Version]

7. Sinestar
Fortunes Faded (Parralox Remix)

8. Robert Palmer
You Are In My System

9. The Twins
Between The Woman And You

10. Empathy Test
Incubation Song
(The New Division Remix)

11. Schwarzschild