1. Spektralized
Beneath You

2. Spektralized
In The Rain

3. Empathy Test
Monsters (Radio Edit)

4. Endanger feat. Kiara M. E.
Blood Red Roses (Clubmix)

5. Endanger
Try Again (Polished Version)

6. Endanger
Sorry (feat. Kiara M.E.)

7. Uncreated
I Never Told You To Stay

8. Binary Park
The Deviated

9. mind.in.a.box

10. Sono
Until the Morning Comes

11. Mesh
Let Them Crush Us

12. Vogue.Noir

13. The Anix
Parasite (feat. GXG)

14. Mondträume
Life Is Short


1. Chainreactor

2. Diskonnekted
Yesteryears (Club Version)

3. Electro Spectre
You Hear Them Come (Shuffle RMX)

4. Electro Spectre
Lovelight (FM Maxi Mix)

5. Palast
When You Fall

6. Technoir

7. Blume
Fade Away

8. Distain!

9. Sinestar
Avoiding the Silence

10. State Of The Nation
Departed (Leslie Bayne Remix)

11. Espermachine
Dying Life [Mix Two]

12. Marco Gahrig (illusion of light)
Create Yourself (extended 2020)

13. Geographer
When Will I Belong