Hour 1

RROYCE – I Like it When You Lie (Oren Amram Entirely Club Mix)
Minerve – Take Me Higher
Insight – Take My Hand
Vogon Poetry – The Heart of Gold (Oren Amram Synthesize Me Remix)
Seabound – Without You
In.Visible feat. Clan Of Xymox – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Giorgio Marciano rework)
New Neon – On the Edge Again (People Theatre’s pattern mix)
Julian Smith – What Would You Tell Me (People Theatre remix)
B side spot #207
Neuropa – Beyond Here and Now
Neuropa – Close to Midnight
Neuropa – Brochures

Hour 2

!distain – Blackberry Morning (Oren Amram’s Strawberry evening club remix)
The Second Sight – History
The Second Sight – I Close My Eyes
Eloquent – Foreign Love Affair (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Virtual Server feat. Stefan Netschio – Why (Would I)
Beborn Beton – The Colour of Love
LorD and Master feat. Andrea & Eric C. Powell – One Night in Bangkok
Jeff McCall – The Never Ending Story
DM spot #155
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good
De/Vision – I Regret
Neuropa – In Need
Diorama – Exit The Grey (Web live from Reutlingen 180420)
Diorama – ZSA