NDFO#3rd B-Day1

1. Gary Numan

2. Neuroticfish
Suffocating Right

3. De/Vision
Boy Toy

4. And One
Recover You

5. Mesh
Little Missile

6. Neuroactive
Calm Delight

7. Elektrostaub
Unforgotten (Steve’s 120 BPM RMX)

Who Needs

9. Loewenhertz
Wer sind Wir (Steve’s Arp RMX)

10. Sono
Since You’re Gone

11. Future Perfect
A silent scream

12. Propaganda
Dream within a Dream (New Version)

NDFO#3rd B-Day2

1. Visage
She’s Electric (Coming Around)

2. Ultravox
Heart of the Country

3. Alison Moyet
Love Resurrection

4. Shelter
Lost In the 80S (feat. Parralox)

Neon Oblivion (T.O.Y. Remix)

6. Endanger

7. Ruined Conflict
Sequencer 2018

8. Logic & Olivia
Night Of Despair (Dominatrix rmx)

9. The Twins
Face to Face – Heart to Heart

10. Binary Park
How strange

11. Noyce TM

12. Neocoma
Mirror In Your Eyes

13. The Saint Paul
I Will Stay

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