SET 39 – 170520

hour 1

Roger Waters – It’s A Miracle
Metallica – The Unforgiven
Queen – Innuendo
Aerosmith – Dream On
Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly
Bruce Springsteen – Street of Philadelphia
R.E.M – Everybody Hurts
The Eagles – Hotel California
Reamonn – Supergirl
The Rolling Stones – Anybody seen My Baby
Heros De Silensio – Entre Dos Tierras
Mando Diao – Dance with Somebody

hour 2

Depeche Mode – Higherlove
And One – Enjoy the Unknown
Mesh – you want what’s owed to you
Residens D feat. Marcus Meyn – You Were There
Peter Heppner – Give Us What We Need
Condition One – The Time After Time
Eisfabrik – Greeting From Far Away
Stoppenberg – Unite!
Dark Voices – The Lord in My Witness… I Will
VNV Nation – Further
Solar Fake – All The Things You Say
Covenant – Last Dance
Project Pitchfork – Existence (VNV Nation Mix)
Aesthetic Perfection – LAX