1. Kraftwerk
The Telephone Call

2. Erasure
Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)

3. Arctic Sunrise
Emptiness (Steve’s Icecold RMX)

4. Defiant Machines
Tragedy (Charly Beck Remix)

5. Uncreated
Leaving Now
(feat. Robert Enforsen) – Electro Spectre Remix

6. Uncreated
Ta Över Nu

7. Chrom
Down Below

8. Pandoria
Crush (Digital Energy Remix)

9. Cyferdyne
Breathe Deeper
(DJ Extended Version)

10. Spektralized
Turn To Stone

11. Mondträume

12. Mondträume
All You Cannot See (Crytek Remix)

13. Blutengel
Dancing in the Light


1. Diffuzion
The Blessed

2. Massiv In Mensch
Zero Gravity (Coverversion)
[feat. Rana Arborea]

3. Sero.Overdose
She (Original Version)

4. Dekad

5. Future Lied to Us
Break Me into Pieces (feat. Frozen Plasma, Rotersand & [:SITD:])

6. Electrovot
End of the Line [:SITD:] rmx

7. Rotersand
Electronic World Transmission ([:SITD:] edit)

8. Rotersand
By The Waters

9. The Saint Paul
Reality Distorsion Field

10. Thyx

11. In Good Faith

12. Diorama
Child of Entertainment (Trapped)

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