1. Rotersand

2. Faderhead
(feat. Sven Friedrich of Solar Fake)
I Did Not Know

3. Wiegand
Get Informed

4. Kim Lunner
Just For a Second

5. Kim Lunner

6. Dance My Darling
Love & Hate (feat. Yona Kira)

7. Dance My Darling
The Fairy Tale Has No Happy End

8. Zynic
Who’s To Blame

9. Palast
Just Friends

10. Black Nail Cabaret

11. Fleshtronic

12. Beyond Obsession

13. Minerve
Lost In Your Room (Remastered)

14. Minerve
Moonaddicted (Remastered)


1. Nature of Wires ft Lady B
Cut Me Open

2. Massive Ego
Let Go (Brando Remix)

Walked The Line (Rroyce Remix)

4. Digital Energy
Unite (Club Version)

5. Train To Spain
Passion (Machinista Club Remix)

6. Lavantgarde
Our Fate

7. Projekt Ich
Sexy Silly Girl feat. Stereo In Solo (People Theatre’s Ostinato Mix)

8. Sinestar
Fortunes Faded
(People Theatre’s Matter Mix)

9. Positronic
When You Fall Down

10. Loewenhertz
Friends Like Me

11. Desastroes
Der Hase (Sharon Next Cover)

12. Gary Numan
For The Rest Of My Life

13. Torul
Lonely Night (Into the Knot Remix)

14. Wiegand
Get Informed (Piano Edit)


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