DJ Elvis Rashidi
01-Westbam – Beatbox Rocker
02-Sonic Empire – Members Of Mayday
03-Talla2XLC – Spring 2003
04-Soman-Global (Club mix) “Premiere”
05-X Divide – Sympathy (NamNamBulu Mix)
06-Frozen Plasma feat. Daniel Pad – Hypocrite (ES23 Mix)
07-Eisfabrik – We Don’t Care (ES 23 Mix) “Premiere”
08-Blue May Rose – Music Has to Die “Premiere”
09-The Second Sight – Midnight Sun “Premiere”
10-And One – The Killing the Mercy
11-De/Vision – Heart Shaped Tumor
12-Depeche Mode – Brocken
13-!distain feat. Rotersand – The FLA
14-Covenant – The Kingdom Come
15-VNV Nation – Genesis
16-T.O.Y. – Lies To Tell
17-Diorama – Exit the Grey
18-Highersense – Dreaming On (Club Mix)
19-Renard – Travel in Time
20-Schiller – Teheran
21-Schiller & Heppner – Dream Of You
22-Camouflage – Motiv Sky (Extended Version)
23-Condition One – Black Skin
24-Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone
25-Depeche Mode – The Sund and The Rainfull (BLO Mix)
26-Pink Floyd – Blue Sky