1.Blaqk Audio-A distant light 2020
2.Assemblage 23-Welcome Apocalypse 2020
3.Uncreated feat Dennis Schober of Solitary Experiments-Break free Remixed by Blume 2020
4.Insight-Take my hand Remixed by Uncreated
5.Renard feat Pascal Linkenauer-Travel in Time 2020
6.Nature of Wires-Negative Resolutions Rotersand rework radio edit 2020
7.Johan Baeckstrom-Fix you Coldplay cover 2020
8.The Grey Disorder-Powerless 2020
9.LorD and Master-Silent Disco People Theatre’s Mirror ball mix 2020
10.New Order-Be a rebel
11.A Certain Ratio-Berlin 2020
12.Dubstar-Hygiene Strip 2020
13.Calpe-No Heaven 2020