1. Mental Discipline

2. Mental Discipline
Fall to Pieces (feat. Felix Marc)

3. Mental Discipline
Wdywfm (feat. Spektralized)

4. The Saint Paul
Be A Rebel (Ruined Conflict Remix)

5. Rupesh Cartel

6. Klonavenus
My Crying Bride (feat. Valerie Hely)

7. BlakLight

8. BlakLight
Unknown Love

9. Debo
3 Wünsche Frei

10. Assemblage 23

11. Assemblage 23

12. Nun
I Don’t Know How
(Dance Remix Radio Edit)

13. Sea of Sin
Turn Back Time (feat. Mesh)
[Mesh Remix]

14. Lilli K. Engelhardt
Colorblind (Beyond Border Remix)



1. Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell
Fly Away

2. Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell
And I Know

3. Insight
Take My Hand
(Oren Amram SynthesizeMe Club Mix)

4. Carved Souls
Day by Day

5. Carved Souls

6. Kromak
Sister of Night (feat.Ruined Conflict)

7. Calfskin
Fade Away

8. Calfskin
Soul Searching

9. Elegant Machinery
With Grace

10. Elegant Machinery
Feel the Silence

11. Technique
Book of Life

12. Technique
The Price of lies (Origin Mix)

13. Diorama
Bring Me Flowers