Pet Shop Boys – My October Symphony
Erasure – Piano Song (Instrumental)
Pet Shop Boys – This Must Be The Place……
Electronic – Some Distant Memory
Candyflip – Love Is Life
The Beloved – The Sun Rising
Depeche Mode – Here Is The House
Cause and Effect – The Beginning Of The End
Cetu Javu – Quien Lo Sabia? (12″ Version)
Camouflage – That Smiling Face
Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer
Pet Shop Boys – Kings Cross
New Order – Your Silent Face
Erasure – Am I Right?
Anything Box – Carmen
Depeche Mode – The Things You Said
Aha – Cast In Steel
Wham! – Like A Baby
Icehouse – No Promises
The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights
Pet Shop Boys – Jealousy (Extended Version)