01-Boytronic-You can’t Get Fooled by Love (Ant People Remix)
02-The Independent Season – The Visitor
03-The Hooligan – If There was no Gravity
04-Electronic feat PSB feat.New Order – Disappointed
05-Robbie Williams & the Pet Shop Boys – No Regret
06-Pet Shop Boys – We’re the Pet Shop Boys
07-Red Flag – Deeper shade Of Blue
08-Rammstein – Mein Teil (Pet Shop Boys Remix)
09-Faderhead – The Harsh Rejector
12-Schiller – Tehran
13-Peter Heppner-Once Again (Schiller Mix)
14-Mesh-You Didn’t Want Me
15-Depeche Mode-Useless (US Promo)
16-And One-Enjoy the Unknown
17-Covenant-Last Dance
18-Project Pitchfork-Existence (VNV Nation Mix)
19-VNV Nation-Honour 2003
20-Aesthetic Perfection-Never Enough
21-Minusheart-Still Searching Machines
22-Front 242-Until Death
23-Oomph!-Der neue Gott
24-Nitzer Ebb-Down On Your Knees
25-Spark-Produktion Nonstop