1.Edge of Dawn-Stage Fright 2010
2.Mental Exile-Renegades 2018
3.Beyond Obsession-Cry 2020
4.Brutalist Architecture in the Sun-Through the Trees 2020
5.Fake the Envy-Kings for a Day 2008
6.FloE-Mi Voz 2020
7.Obsession of time-Don’t look back 2020
8.Solar Fake-This Pretty Life (Random Starlight Remix) 2020
9.Industrial Zoo-What goes around Comes around 2020
10.Mika Ella-Never Let it Die (Chris Hurts Disco 2 Remix) 2020
11.Blancmamge-Sleep with Mannequin 2020
12.Elegant Machinery-To Live 1998
13.Erasure-New Herizons 2020