1.Royal Visionaries-The Man who saw Tomorrow QY70 Remix 2017
2.Gregory’s ReTurn-Welcome to the Future Days 2021
3.The Transistor Brothers-Radio Moscow 2021
4.A Projection-Darwin’s Eden 2021
5.Sea of Sin-Immaculate Nature of Wire Remix 2021
6.Disrupted Being-Devoted 2021
7.Eurotix-I Don’t Want to Dance Alone 2021
8.Piston Damp-Loose Ends 2021
9.Jeff McCall-Goodbye Europa 2021
10.Train to Spain-You Made Me Laugh 2021
11.Into the Blood-Heaven Knows Radio Edit 2021
12.Gary Numan-Intruder 2021
13.Perfidious Words-Estrangment 1998