New Dreams For Old

New Dreams For Old #207

todaySeptember 21, 2021 6

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1. Pandoria
Chain Around My Heart

2. Ruined Conflict
Cries Of The Fallen

3. Uncreated/Covered in Snow

4. Obsession of Time
First of All

5. Obsession of Time
Leaving Now

6. Niels Blume

7. Assemblage 23
Naked (Daniel Myer RMX)

8. Ironic Sweden
When i cry

9. Ironic Sweden
Universe Friend (Radio Edit)

10. Death Loves Veronica
Fuck Like Me

11. Junksista
Now That I’m Gone

12. Red Cell
Lust (2018 Version)

13. LorD and Master
Sayonara (E39 Pop Club Mix)

14. Raygun Romance
It’s Not a Lie

15. Tactile Frequency
Watch Them Drown

16. christopher ANTON

17. christopher ANTON
A Broken Thought

18. Martin L. Gore
Gone [Dominatrix RmX 2021]

19. A Flock of Seagulls
The Story of a Young Heart
(Orchestral Version)

20. Mechanical Moth
Wake Up (Female)

21. Blutengel
Dancing In The Light

22. Current One
Bounty Hunter

23. Current One
A Last Goodbye

24. Vanguard

Walking On Water

26. Dave Gahan
Nothing Else Matters

Written by: אורן עמרם

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