Jimm Kjelgaard [USA]

Jimm Kjelgaard is a professional audio engineer and music producer that has been actively working in the music industry for over twenty-five years. Jimm is a former member of the prestigious National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the Audio Engineering Society. Residing in the Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) area, Jimm runs his own recording studio, and produces music for artists in multiple genres. However, his greatest passion is for Synth-Pop, Synthwave, and other electronic music.

Introduced to the music of Kraftwerk in 1975 by his mother, Jimm instantly fell in love with music made with synthesizers. Growing up in the synthesizer-driven decade of the 1980s, Jimm quickly became a fan of OMD, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and Depeche Mode. He got his first synthesizer in 1986, and began devoting all of his spare time to learning about synthesizers and music-making technology.

Upon graduating from high school, and attending college, where he majored in both Broadcasting and Russian Language, Jimm moved from his home state of New York, to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he married his college sweetheart, settled down, and started a family. Together, Jimm and his lovely wife have three beautiful children.

In 2004 Jimm had the privilege of helping Paul Humphreys, of OMD, and Claudia Brucken, of Propaganda, launch their famous Onetwo project. This Onetwo project also included a co-songwriting contribution from Martin Gore, of Depeche Mode. As the President and CEO of UberSonik, Inc., Jimm helped Onetwo release their debut ‘Item’ EP, and would also help Billy Currie, of Ultravox, distribute one of his solo albums in the United States and Canada.

In 2007 Jimm dissolved UberSonik, and began working full-time on his music production and studio business. And he has been doing this ever since.

Jimm is an accomplished professional Musician, Audio Engineer, Music Producer Songwriter, and Performer. Jimm has over 30 years experience playing synthesizers and keyboards, as well as trumpet, violin, bass guitar, and percussion. Jimm has been producing his own music since 1990, and has been producing music for other people for over 25 years, and in every conceivable music genre.

Over the years, Jimm has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Synth-Pop, including Alphaville, Anything Box, Real Life, and Seven Red Seven.

It’s very true to say that Jimm lives and breathes music. He is a walking encyclopedia of music knowledge, and within the realm of Synth-Pop, Jimm has been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with many of the legends of the genre, and could write volumes about his experiences.

Since 2012, Jimm has been the bandleader, songwriter, and lead singer of the indie Synth-Pop and Synthwave band, Eminent Sol. And since 2017, Jimm has been the host of the weekly internet radio programme, The Sol of Synth-Pop, on Radio Plus-Israel. For two hours every Sunday, Jimm plays a mix of classic Synth-Pop tunes from legacy artists, as well as modern-day indie Synth-Pop, Synthwave, and Electro-Pop artists. Jimm’s weekly broadcast focuses on the melodic, upbeat, and danceable aspect of Synth-Pop and Synthwave.

Aside from being heavily involved in music in one way or another every day, Jimm is also an avid sports fan, outdoorsman, and he loves to cook. His favorite synth artist of all-time is a tie between Kraftwerk and OMD, with Erasure coming in at a very close second. His all-time favourite album is ‘Black Celebration’ by Depeche Mode, and yes….. he really DOES like Bunnies!

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