Mike Davies [Wales]


Mike Davies, radio presenter and writer.

Born in the swinging sixties, Mike lived for the first five years of his life in Wales before moving to England, and then to Scotland, before returning home to Wales about twenty years ago. As a teenager and young adult he listened to the radio all the time. His favorite AM stations were Radio Luxembourg, and Radio Caroline, the offshore radio station broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea. After leaving school Mike went to work for a newspaper company, and also started writing articles for magazines that served the broadcast radio industry. Through this work Mike made contact with the agent who supplied Kol Ha Shalom with British DJs.

In early 1987 Mike decided to give up his career in newspapers, and flew to Tel Aviv to become a big star in radio! In reality, this didn’t happen, but Mike did enjoy his time in Israel. His six month experience with Kol Ha Shalom gained him a job with Radio Caroline in December 1987 and he had many exciting adventures on the North Sea working on the radio ship. In late 1988 Mike decided to return to Kol Ha Shalom to see old friends and work with a new team of DJs aboard the Peace Ship. In the 1980s there was a lot of great music being released, and making radio programmes was good fun.

In 1990 Mike established a magazine publishing business. And this became a new career for him over the next ten years. However, he still had a big interest in broadcast radio, and did the occasional radio programme for stations in the UK and Europe. Since 2018 Mike has been making regular shows for a Dutch radio station which has AM licences for Amsterdam and the Northern Netherlands.

Mike has maintained a friendship with RadioPlus’s Avner Epstein since 1987, and this led to Mike making a special show for the special RadioPlus VOP Day. The good vibe from this led to Mike now joining the great team on RadioPlus.

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