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The B side spot with Manfred Thomaser – full archive 2015-2020

1 September 2020

the B-side spot is a weekly spot on the “Synthesize me” radio show, hosted by Manfred Thomaser (!distain) and Oren Amram. welcome to “The B-side spot” full archive! we are Manfred Thomaser and Oren Amram. first of all, you probably ask yourself what this is all about, right? well….  The terms A-side and B-side refer […]

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Synthesize Me #362

9 March 2020

  Hour 1 New Order – Blue Monday RROYCE – My Dearest Enemy (Dominatrix Remix) Croona – Dare to Die Beyond Border – Neurotic Eisfabrik – And Nothing Turns (Robotiko Rejekto Version) Mesh featuring Julia Beyer – Who Says Eurotix – My Shining One Munatix – Groovin Is My Hobby Boytronic – No Sad Songs […]

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New Dreams For Old #135

3 March 2020

  NDFO#135.1 1. Diorama Off 2. Ghost and Writer Beyond Repair 3. Matthias Hold Me (feat. Mark Bebb) [People Theatre Remix] 4. ZOODRAKE Death Bloom 5. The Second Sight History (Club Mix) 6. BlueForge Fools 7. X-Marks The Pedwalk Ghost 8. Alienare Forever 9. Electro Spectre The Way You Love 10. Spektralized Stardust 11. Spektralized […]

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New Dreams For Old #133

19 February 2020

  NDFO#133.1 1. RROYCE Pyroclastic Flow (Neuroticfish Remix) 2. Avoid-A-Void Nothing 3. Avoid-A-Void Myself Within 4. Robotiko Rejekto Do It Now (feat. RaHen & Verity Vian) 5. Beyond Obsession Speaking of a Devil 6. The Saint Paul Eternity 7. Anders Manga Rosaries and Requiems 8. My Love Kills Love Undone (So Much Longer) 9. Ari […]

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New Dreams For Old #123

3 December 2019

  NDFO#123.1 1. Reichsfeind Riots 2. Intent:Outtake Das letzte Geleit 3. Eli van Vegas This Time (feat. Liss Eulenherz) 4. Sono Pressure 5. Zoon Politicon On My Way (Vainerz@hungary Remix) 6. Beat Noir Deluxe Morphine (Single Edit) 7. Avoid-A-Void Myself Within 8. Avoid-A-Void Nothing 9. Avoid-A-Void Love Was Dead 10. Alienare Never Too Late 11. […]

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New Dreams For Old #121

19 November 2019

NDFO#121.1 1. Nórdika Free Yourself 2. Unity One Bring the Storm 3. ES23 When I’m Gone 4. ES23 Not Your Enemy 5. Spark! Cause And Effect 6. Ten After Dawn Club 7. Beyond Obsession Revolution From Below (Eisfabrik Remix) 8. Midnight Resistance Horizon 9. reADJUST Black And White 10. Mechanical Cabaret Quixotic Expectations 11. Lorde […]

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New Dreams For Old #115

16 September 2019

  NDFO#115.1 1. Depeche Mode The Landscape Is Changing (12 Inch Mix) 2. ZOODRAKE Sent to You (Elektrofish Mix) 3. The New Division Fascination 4. Boytronic You 5. Boytronic Wayward Sister 6. Boytronic No Sad Songs 7. Boytronic All You Can Eat (Ant People Remix) 8. Am Tierpark Don’t Tell Me 9. Northern Lite I’m […]

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