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Anything Box

The Sol of Synth-Pop: Autumn 2020 Celebration

5 October 2020

Pet Shop Boys – My October Symphony Erasure – Piano Song (Instrumental) Pet Shop Boys – This Must Be The Place…… Electronic – Some Distant Memory Candyflip – Love Is Life The Beloved – The Sun Rising Depeche Mode – Here Is The House Cause and Effect – The Beginning Of The End Cetu Javu […]

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Synthtopia With John Tupper #47

17 August 2020

1.Maison Vague-Synthpop’s Alive 2011 2.JG and The Robots-Music in my Head 2017 3.Claude S.(Anything box)-Fast forward 2015 4.Gebrauche-Musik-One and only 2000 5.Social Ambitions-Rockers in my Head 6.Erasure-Nerves of Steel 2020 7.MORE- Eco Unfriendly 2020 8.AvantGarde-Tons of Steel 2020 9.Birmingham Electric-Moving Target 2020 10.Silica Gel-Donde Estas  2008 11.The Second Sight-Midnight Sun 2020 12.In Good Faith-When love […]

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: American Independents Day Special

6 July 2020

HOUR 1: Figures On A Beach – Accidentally 4th Street (Gloria) T42 – Don’t Let My Love Anything Box – Every Single Day Darwin Mcd feat. Eric C Powell – Click HUGUENOT – It’s Easy (Fiben Remix) Eminent Sol – Listen. Love. Repeat. Christopher ANTON – Danger! Mind Machine – Clouds Of Doubt (Fused Sacred […]

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