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Blaqk Audio

Synthtopia With John Tupper #51

14 September 2020

1.Blaqk Audio-A distant light 2020 2.Assemblage 23-Welcome Apocalypse 2020 3.Uncreated feat Dennis Schober of Solitary Experiments-Break free Remixed by Blume 2020 4.Insight-Take my hand Remixed by Uncreated 5.Renard feat Pascal Linkenauer-Travel in Time 2020 6.Nature of Wires-Negative Resolutions Rotersand rework radio edit 2020 7.Johan Baeckstrom-Fix you Coldplay cover 2020 8.The Grey Disorder-Powerless 2020 9.LorD and […]

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New Dreams For Old #161

9 September 2020

  NDFO#161.1 1. Janosch Moldau Sense for God 2. digital ENERGY Unite! (Club Version) 3. 5TimesZero Train (Steves D-Zug Mix) 4. tomeque Immer Nur Tanzen 5. Felix Marc Digital Love (Customized Version) 6. Eisfabrik Grim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix) 7. Priest Dead Ringer 8. In Good Faith Contradiction 9. X-Divide Sympathy (Frozen Plasma […]

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New Dreams For Old #160

1 September 2020

NDFO#160.1 1. Pete Crane Your Are Not Your Body (Tragic Impulse Remix) 2. 5TimesZero Train 2020 3. Blaqk Audio Faith Healer 4. Blaqk Audio Let’s Be Honest 5. Sono Keep Control (Live in Leipzig) 6. Sono All Those City Lights (Live in Leipzig) 7. Empathy Test Monsters 8. Empathy Test Incubation Song (The New Division […]

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