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Synthesize Me #404

25 January 2021

Hour 1 Diorama – Gasoline Eisfabrik – The Choice Rotersand & Evendorff – Grey (Rotersand rework) CHROM – The Start Of Something New Mesh – Born To Lie Man Parrish & Steven Jones – The Visitors Matthias feat. Karen Lee Batten – The Winner Takes It All Solar Fake – Under Control (live in Leipzig) […]

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New Dreams For Old #163

23 September 2020

NDFO#163.1 1. Blaqk Audio Consort 2. New Order Be a Rebel 3. Erasure Diamond Lies 4. BLUE MAY ROSE Music Has To Die 5. ES23 When I’m Gone (Solitary Experiments Remix) 6. VNV Nation God of all 7. Chrom The Start of Something New 8. Chrom Loneliness 9. Assemblage 23 The Other Side Of The […]

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Synthesize Me #388 – The sound of C

13 September 2020

Hour 1 Confetti’s – The Sound of C Condition One – Sinner (extended) Covenant – Lightbringer (speedrun ii rmx) Christopher Anton – In Silence Cyborgdrive feat. Robert Eberl – Cell Camouflage – Love is a Shield (Live in Dresden 2009) Chrom – In My World Colony 5 – My World Carved Souls – Broken Soul […]

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New Dreams For Old #161

9 September 2020

  NDFO#161.1 1. Janosch Moldau Sense for God 2. digital ENERGY Unite! (Club Version) 3. 5TimesZero Train (Steves D-Zug Mix) 4. tomeque Immer Nur Tanzen 5. Felix Marc Digital Love (Customized Version) 6. Eisfabrik Grim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix) 7. Priest Dead Ringer 8. In Good Faith Contradiction 9. X-Divide Sympathy (Frozen Plasma […]

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The B side spot with Manfred Thomaser – full archive 2015-2020

1 September 2020

the B-side spot is a weekly spot on the “Synthesize me” radio show, hosted by Manfred Thomaser (!distain) and Oren Amram. welcome to “The B-side spot” full archive! we are Manfred Thomaser and Oren Amram. first of all, you probably ask yourself what this is all about, right? well….  The terms A-side and B-side refer […]

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New Dreams For Old #159

25 August 2020

NDFO#159.1 1. We The North Understand Me – TdF Remix 2. We The North ††† 3. Uncreated Helgon (feat. Måns Jonasson) We The North Remix 4. Uncreated Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober) 5. The Frixion Deceive a Believer (Nude Sound System Remix) 6. The Frixion To Hell and Back (Radio Edit) 7. Kim Lunner Falls […]

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Synthesize Me #381

27 July 2020

Hour 1 Diorama – Child of Entertainment (Clubbed) Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Oren Amram Club remix) christopher ANTON – Danger (Club mix) Chrom – In My World Mesh – It Scares Me (Mesh remix) Apoptygma Berzerk – Mourn (Mesh remix) De/vision – Hear Me Calling (Mesh remix) Rotersand – Beneath the Stars The […]

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New Dreams For Old #154

21 July 2020

NDFO#154.1 1. Torul All 2. ES23 Only Melodies Remain 3. Pandoria Natural 4. Eric C. Powell Breathe 5. Softwave On and on and On (Patrik Kambo Extended Remix) 6. Melotron Kindertraum (Club Mix) 7. Chrom Memories 8. Solar Fake Such a Shame 9. Solar Fake Where Are You 10. Mondträume Pyschodrug 11. digital ENERGY The […]

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New Dreams For Old #153

14 July 2020

NDFO#153.1 1. Mondträume Far from Pain 2. Erasure Under The Wave 3. Darwinmcd & Mark Bebb Featherlite 4. Hurts Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us 5. ZyniC Fear My Love (Johan Baeckström Remix) 6. ZyniC Would 7. Xenturion Prime Embers 8. A Spell Inside Ewig 9. Seadrake Die of Temptation 10. Scheuber Wire 11. Wiegand […]

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New Dreams For Old #150

23 June 2020

NDFO#150.1 1. Rotersand Whatever 2. Faderhead (feat. Sven Friedrich of Solar Fake) I Did Not Know 3. Wiegand Get Informed 4. Kim Lunner Just For a Second 5. Kim Lunner Human 6. Dance My Darling Love & Hate (feat. Yona Kira) 7. Dance My Darling The Fairy Tale Has No Happy End 8. Zynic Who’s […]

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