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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #159 – 6/11/22

#159 01-Neuroticfish-Velocity N20 "PREMIERE" 02-Alienare-Emerlad "PREMIERE" 03-Lights Of Euphoria-Here Comes The Rain (Torrential Mix) 04-Assemblage 23-Dissapoint 2.0 (Rotersand Mix) 05-Cicero-Rivers Of Love 06-T.O.Y. fea. Marian Gold-Turn On 07-And One-Goodbye Germany 08-Camouflage-I'll Follow Behind 09-De/Vision-Dress Me When I Bleed 10-Depeche Mode-Only When I Lose Myself 11-Duran Duran-Come Undone 12-New Order- I Told You so 13-Pet Shop Boys-This Must Be The place 14-Depeche Mode-Should Be Higher 15-Covenant-Last Dance 16-VNV Nation-God Of All […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #155 – 18/9/22 #155 01-Lights Of Euphoria-Here Comes The Rain 02-T.O.Y.-But Not Tonight 03-Condition One-Velvet 04-Andreas B & Steffen K.-Remember (Mabose Mix) 05-De/Vision-We Fly Tonight 06-!Distain-Tears Of Joy 07-Schiller & Heppner-I Feel You 08-Wolfsheim-Once in A Lifetime 09-Dave Gahan-Kingdom 10-Camouflage-We are Lovers 11-Depeche Mode-World in My Eyes 12-And One-Wasted (Naghavi Mix) 13-A-Ha-Forestfire 14-Pet Shop Boys-Somthing 15-Erasure-Always 16-Human League-Don't You want Me (Purple Disco Machine Mix) 17-Beborn Beton-Last Night On Earth 18-Ciero-River Of […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #154 – 11/9/22   #154 01-Lights Of Euphoria-Here Comes The Rain (torrential Mix) "PREMIERE" 02-Reichfeind-Frontiers "PREMIERE" 03-Kresko-Lies 04-Erasure-Inside Out "PREMIERE" 05-Sven Väth OFF-Electrica Salsa (Salsa Inferno) 06-Wolfgang tillmann- Insanely Alive (Pet Shop Boys Mix) 07- Depeche Mode-World In My Eyes (Cicada Mix) 08-Tom Wilson-Techno Cat 09-Paul Van Dyk-But Not Tonight 10-Condition One-Black Skin 11-Covenant-The Kingdom Come 12-And One-Back Home (Berlin Mix) 13-Chorea Minor-Trickle Of Life (Rotersand Mix) 14-Inetia feat.This Morn Omnia-Heartbeat "PREMIERE" […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #153 – 4/9/22   #153 01-Depeche Mode-Never Let Me Down again (Split Mix) 02-U2-With Or Without You 03-A Ha-Forever Not Yours 04-Madonna-Frozen 05-Kylie-Confide In Me 06-Björk-Bachalorette 07-Rihanna-Russian Roulette 08-Robbie Williams-Feel 09-Pet Shop Boys-Miracles 10-And One-Driving With My Darling 11-De/Vision-Sweet Life 12-Wolfsheim-Find You're Here 13-T.O.Y.-But Not Tonight 14-Condition One-Eternity 15-!distain-Tears Of Joy 16-Demokratie-Speed Fight Date 17-Kresko feat. Mark Bebb-Lies 18-M/A/T-Liaison "PREMIERE" 19-Ruined Conflict-Miracle "PREMIERE" 20-Lights Of Euphoria-Collapsed 21-Eisfabrik-Too Late 22-VNV Nation-Beloved 23-Welle:erdball-Drogenexzess im […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #152 – 28/8/22   #152 01-Welle:Erdball-Drogenprozess "PREMIERE" 02-Kraftwerk-Radioactivity 03-Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygne 04-Kontrast-Am Fenster 05-Depeche Mode-dream On 06-Propaganda-P-Machinery 07-Visage-Fade To grey 08-Pet Shop Boys-So Hard 09-Sea Of Sin-High And LOw (Ashbury Heights Mix) "PREMIERE" 10-De/Vision-Circulate 11-Camouflage-Motif Sky 12-!distain-Conversation Overkill 13-Mesh-Leave You Nothing 14-Condition One-Black Skin (Remix) 15-And One - Shouts Of Joy 16-Beborn Beton - Last Day Of Earth 17-T.O.Y. - Lies To Tell 18-Beyond Border- Pry Open 19-Covenant- Dies Irae 20-IAMX-Miles Deep […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #148 – 17/7/22 #148 01-Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Razormaid Mix) 02-Pet Shop Boys-Love Ect. 03-Jimmy Summerville-Tomorrow 04-A Ha-Forestfire 05-Camouflage-Love Is A Shield (William Orbit Club Mix) 06-Condition One-Sinner 07-Depeche Mode-Enjoy The Silence 08-Apoptygma Berzerk-Kathy's Song 09-And One-Unter Meiner Uniform 10-T.o.Y.-True Lovers 11-Psyche-Sanctuary (Memphis Mix) 12-Yazoo-Don't Go (Memphis Mix) 13-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax (Memphis Mix) 14-Die Krupps-Dr.Mabuse (Memphis Mix) 15-Nitzer Ebb-Getting Closer 16-Front 242-Rhythm Of Time 17-Sturm Cafe-Koka Kola Freiheit 18-DAF-Der Sheriff 19-Laibach-Tanz mit Laibach […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #144 – 19/6/22 #144 01-Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill 02-Propaganda-P Machinery 03-Pat Benatar-Love Is A Buttlerfield 04-Bonnie Tyler-Holding out For a Hero 05-Karon Kamen-Manhunt 06-Standi-He is A Dream 07-Survivor-Eye Of The Tiger 08-Cutting Crew-I Just Died 09-Queen-Show Must Go On 10-WhiteSnake-Is This Love 11-Supertramp-Breakfast in America 12-A Ha - Summer Moved On 13-Madonna-Frozen 14-Micheal Jackson-Earth Song 15-Pet Shop Boys-Miracles 16-Condition One-Eternity 17-T.O.Y.-True Lovers 18-And one-Goodbye Germany 19-Kid Moxie-Unbroken 20-Royksopp-What Else Is There […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #143 – 12/6/22 #143 01-Kid Moxie-Unbroken "PREMIERE" 02-IAM-Mile Deep Hollow 03-Gary Numan-My Name Is Ruin 04-Depeche Mode-Should be Higher 05-M.I.N.E.-Some But Different 06-Goldfrapp feat. Dave Gahan-Ocean 07- Tears For Fears-My Demons 08-The Second Sight-Use Me "PREMIERE" 09-Wolfgang Tillmans-Insanely Alive (PSB Mix) 10-Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys-Purple Zone(Club Mix) 11-Purple Disco Machine-In The Dark 12-Kylie Minogue-Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head 13-New Order-Blue Monday 14-A Ha-Take On Me 15-And One-Stand […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #140 – 22/5/22 01-The Cassandra Complex-We defend ourselves 02-Tears For Fears-My Demons 03-Depeche Mode-Sooth My Soul 04-Billy Idol-Save Me Now 05-Duran Duran-Tonight United 06-Purple Disco Machine-In The Dark 07-The Human League-Don't Want Me (Purple Disco Machine Mix) 08-Soft Cell & The Pet Shop Boys-Purple Zone 09-Pet Shop Boys-Always On My Mind 10-Yazoo-Don't Go 11-Erasure-Who Needs Love (Hamburg Mix) 12-Camouflage-Suspecious Love 13-A Ha-The Living Daylights 14-Alphaville-In The Mood 15-Renard feat. Marian Gold-Happy Damn […]

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