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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #115 – 21/11/21 #115 01-Depeche Mode-Sacred 02-The Brute-Driving To you 03-Pet Shop Boys-Heart 04-Red Flag-Russian Radio 05-Resitence D.feat. Marcus Meyn (Camouflage)-You Where There 06-Mesh-Just Leave Us Alone 07-T.O.Y.-The Final Night 08-De/Vision-Dinner without Grace 09-Condition One-Black Skin (Remix) 10-And One-Sometimes 11-Covenant-Dies Irae 12-Dave gahan & Soulsavers-Shut Me Down 13-Tears For Fears-The Tipping Point 14-A Ha-Fools The Mountain 15-Diary Of Dreams-Amok (Shock Mix) 16-Diorama-Advance 17-Felix Marc-The Muse 18-Janosch Moldau-Light For Me (Extended) 19-Douglas McCarthy-Move […]

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New Dreams For Old

New Dreams For Old #213   1st Hour 1. Train To Spain Can't Sleep 2. Endanger Great White Light 3. Schwarzschild Schwarzschild 4. ZOODRAKE Bleed Amog Vamps 5. Tin Gun Bombers 6. Tin Gun Reanimation - Matt Gunn Mix 7. mtf8 Purity (diarBlack RMX) 8. Duran Duran GIVE IT ALL UP 9. CHVRCHES Bitter End 10. The Brides of the Black Roon Intruder 11. MORE Blind (lead the blind) 12. Ruined Conflict Prayer —————————————— […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #114 – 14/11/21 #114 01-David Guetta & Morten - Titanium (Future Rave Extended Mix) 02-Zhi Vago-Celebrate The Love 03-DJ Dado-X Files 04-Quensch-Dreams 05-Faithless-God Is A DJ 06-Soman-New World (Kom R Ciel Rmx) 07-Depeche Mode-World in My Eyes (Cicada Mix) 08-Edge Of Dawn-The FlightThe Chemical Brothers-Go 09-Pet Shop Boys-The Way It Used To Be (JCRZ RMX) 10-OFF-Electrica Salsa (Van Edelsteyn Mix) 11-Kraftwerk-Radioacitivity 12-Kirlian Camera feat. Esik Simonsson-Sky Collapse 13-And One-Mirror In Your Heart […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #113 – 7/11/21 #113 01-Wolfsheim-Once In A Lifetime 02-!distain-Tears Of Joy 03-De/Vision-We Fly Tonight 04-Solaris D-Things will Never The same 05-Condition One-Black skin 06-And One-Life isn't Eaesy In Germany 07-Pet Shop Boys-I Want A Lover 08-A Ha-Forestfire 09-Felix Marc-Fallen stars 10-Assemblage 23-Barren 11-Beborn Beton-Another world 12-Camouflage-Conversation 13-Depeche Mode-Enjoy The Silence 14-Dark Voices-I Will 15-Red Flage-Deeper Shade Of Blue 16-Aesthetic Perfection feat. Isaac Howlett-Save Myself "PREMIERE" 17-Esoterik-Fire (Belasco House Remix) "PREMIERE" 18-Praga Khan-Your […]

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Synthesize Me

Synthesize Me #434 – Happy Hour 1+1 (part 2) Hour 1: Logic & Olivia - Because of Your Smile Piston Damp - Loose Ends (extended remix) Condition One – Sinner Rotersand - A Strange Kind of Love RROYCE - Run Run Run Man Parrish & Steven Jones - The Visitors Minerve - Hold Me Tight Parralox – Headhunter Mesh - Just Leave Us Alone Depeche Mode spot #180 ..........Dominatrix presents: The Sun and the Rainfall (feat. Jonas Öberg […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #109 – 10/10/21 #109 Set Up by DJ Elvis Rashidi 01-Elvis & Lisa Marie Presley-In the Getto 02-Johnny Cash-Hurt 03-U2 & Mary J.Blige-One 04-Dave Gahan-Nothing Else Matters (Memphis Version) 05-Billy Idol-Bitter Taste (NEW SINGLE) 06-Duran Duran-Tonight United (NEW SONG) 07-Die Ärzte-Dunkel (NEW SINGLE) 08-Placebo-Bitter End 09-The Cranberries-Salvation 10-The Smashing Pumpkins-Cry (New Single) 11-Rammstein-Deutschland 12-The Joke Jay (And One)-Awake (New Single) 13-Die Krupps-To The Hilt 14-Golden Earring-Twilight Zone 15-Dave Gahan & Soulsavers-All Of […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #106 – 19/09/21 #106 Setup by DJ Elvis Rashidi 01-Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth (Memphis Mix) 02-Camouflage-I Can't Feel You (Mesh Mix) 03-Mesh-Not Prepared (Club Mix) 04-De/Vision - Digital Machine (Mesh Mix) 05-In Strict Confidence-Sven Lies (Club Mix) 06-Highersence-Untouchable (Olaf wollschläger Club Mix) 07-And One-Krieger (Olaf Wollschläger NoFuture Mix) 08-The Joke Jay-I Know "WORLD PREMIERE" 09-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow 10-Zoodrake-Our Light 11-Wolfsheim-A Million Miles 12-Jose Alvarez & Heppner-Vielleicht 13-And One-Zu Zweit / […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #102 – 22/08/21 #102 01-Soft Cell- Heart Like Chernobyl "New Single" 02-Pet Shop Boys-Miacles 03-A-Ha-Lifelines 04-Anne Clarke-Sometimes (Sea Of Sin Mix) "New Single" 05-Miley Cyrus-Nothing Else Matters "New Single" 06-Dave Gahan & Goldfrapp-Ocean 07-Billy Idol-Bitter Taste "New Single" 08-Johhny Cash-One 09-Duran Duran feat. Chai-More Joy "New Single" 10-Madonna-Die Another Day 11-Frida Gold-Zeig mir wie Du tanzt 12-Depeche Mode-Sooth My Soul 13-Aesthetic Perfection-American Psycho "New Single" 14-Rohn + Lederman - Watch Out (Assemblage […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #100 – 08/08/21 #100 01-A Ha-Summer Moved On 02-Alannah Myles-Black Velvet 03-Chris Isaak-You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love 04-REM-Losing My Religion 05-Queen-The Show Must Go On 06-Duran duran-Come Undone 07-U2 & Mary J Blige-One 08-Depeche Mode-In Your room 09-Guns N' Roses-November Rain 10-Metallica-Nothing Else Matters 11-Roger Waters-It's A Miracle 12-Pink Floyd-High Hopes 13-Pet Shop Boys-Opportunities 14-Wolfsheim-The Sparrows 15-Camouflage-Love Is A Shield 16-And One -Sometimes 17-Psyche-Sanctuary 18-Mesh-Born To Lie 19-Red Flag-Deeper Shade […]

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