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Condition One

Synthesize Me #410

22 March 2021

Hour 1 Piston Damp – Loose Ends (extended remix) Solar Fake – Just Leave It Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone Logic & Olivia – Night of Despair Blutengel – The Sun Always Shines on TV Blutengel – Ship of Fools Condition One – Breathing Spandau Ballet – The Freeze (12” Version) Elektrostaub feat. !distain […]

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Synthesize Me #409

15 March 2021

Hour 1 Piston Damp – Loose Ends (extended remix) Diorama – Gasoline Blutengel – Dr. Mabuse Blutengel – Hymn BlackCar Burning – The Mirror BlakLight – Unknown Love (Hollowlove remix) Sparks – When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’ Echo Image – Walk My Mind (Apoptygma Berzerk remix) Condition One – Sinner Condition One […]

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New Dreams For Old #182

2 March 2021

  1st Hour 1 Condition One Stay 2 Fix8:Sëd8 Unknown to Virtue 3 Fix8:Sëd8 Tremors 4 For All The Emptiness Taking Back Control 5 Tin Gun Devils & Angels – Psykelektric Remix 6 Tenek Blinded By You 7 Scheuber Mindflux 8 Scheuber Tempting Fate 9 Condition One Suffer 10 WAVE IN HEAD Under my Skin […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #78 – 28/02/21

28 February 2021

01-Camouflage-Love Is A Shied (William Orbit Club Mix) 02-Loewenherzt-Right as Rain (Mesh Mix) “PREMIERE” 03-Kid Moxi-Big In Japan (Luxxury Mix) “PREMIERE” 04- Sting & Cheb Mami- Desert Rose (Zumba Dionys Mix Sabo & Goldcap) 05-Faithlass-Insomnia (Beatzone Remix) 06-Schiller & Alphaville-Summer in Berlin „PREMIERE“ 07-Omnimar-Music is my Everything “PREMIERE” 08-Client-Rock’n Roll Machine 09-Pet Shop Boys feat. […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #77 – 21/02/21

21 February 2021

01-PSB-Love Etc. 02-Sparks-My Way 03-OMD-Pandora Box 04-Red Flag -Deeper Shade Of Blue 05-Propaganda-P Machinery 06-Avoid A Void-Until I Paralyze (Seadrake Remix) 07-Black Car Burnning / Mark Hockings (mesh)-Mirror 08-Beborn Beton-She Cried 09-Condition One-Black Skin 10-Dark Voices-I Will 11-De/Vision- we Fly…Tonight 12-Peter Heppner-Give Us What We Need 13-IAMX-Happieness 14-Client-Price Of Love 15-Psyche-Sanctuary 16-T.O.Y.-The Darkness & The […]

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New Dreams For Old #180

9 February 2021

  1 Lords Assistants No Tomorrow 2 Lords Assistans Matter Of Ending 3 Uncreated Hand Grenade (feat. Mark Hockings) 4 Emmon Smalltown Boy 5 Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell How I Feel (Andrik Arkane Remix) 6 Andrik Arkane So Scene 7 Imperative Reaction Here Is Somwhere Else 8 Imperative Reaction Intertwined 9 Train To Spain […]

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New Dreams For Old #179

2 February 2021

  1st Hour 1 Frozen Plasma Lift the Veil 2 Electro Spectre A Different Kind Of Love 3 Solar Fake I Despise You 4 Solar Fake It’s Who You Are 5 BlakLight I Remember Nothing 6 Parralox Tears Run Rings 7 Zynic Dead End 8 A Projection Darwin’s Eden 9 Dead Lights The Host 10 […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #74 – 24/01/21

24 January 2021

01-Nitzer Ebb-Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) 02-Recoil (Alan wilder/Depeche Mode) feat. Douglas McCarthy (NEP)-Faith Healer 03-Depeche Mode-In Chains (Alan Wilder Mix) 04-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow 05-Gary Numan-My Name is Ruin 06-Black Car Burning (Mark Hocking/mesh)-Mirror (New Song) 07-And One-Sometimes 08-Camouflage-I Can Feel You (Mesh Mix) 09-Beborn Beton-She Cried 10-Condition One-Heavenly (New Song) 11-De/Vision-I Regret 12-!distain-Conversation Overkill […]

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New Dreams For Old #177

19 January 2021

  1st Hour 1 Blume Ajax 2 Lloyd Price Shots Fired 3 In Good Faith Rising (Remic-L) 4 j:dead Feeding On Me (Grendel Remix) 5 BEyond Border Rollercoaster (B2LO Mix) 6 Glyda Worthy 7 AfterDark Alone (The Voice & The Snake Remix) 8 Nature of Wires ft Stephen Newton The Masquerade 9 Scandroid Less Than […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #73 – 17/01/21

17 January 2021

01-Björk-Bacharolette 02-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ft. Kylie Minogue – Where The Wild Roses Grow 03-Madonna-Frozen 04-Depeche Mode-Higher Love 05-Mesh-Wunderful Life 06-Chinese Theatre feat. !distain-Sounds Like A Melody (Extended Version) 07-And One-Why don’t you Let Me go 08-Pet Shop Boys-Being Boring 09-A Ha-Mother Nature goes to Heaven 10-Smashing Pumpkins-Cry 11-The Rolling Stones-Anybody Seen My […]

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