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Synthesize Me #420

14 June 2021

Hour 1: Piston Damp – Runaway (Mesh remix) Rotersand – Torn Realities (Solar Fake remix) Solar Fake – Under Control RROYCE – Parallel Worlds (Solitary Experiments remix) Minerve – Forbidden Love The Saint Paul & JP – Be a Rebel Technoir – Requiem Technoir – Love Like Blood Mesh – Wonderful Life Blutengel – Wie […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #91 – 6/06/21

6 June 2021

#91 01-Wolfsheim-The Sparrows & the Nightingales 02-Camouflage-Me & You 03-Depeche Mode-Blasphemous Romours 04-Mesh-Leave You Nothing 05-De/Vision-Your Hands On My Skin 06-!distain-Tears Of Joy 07-Diorama-Gasoline 08-The Boy Called Hedge-When You Fall In Love (FUturepop Space Remix) “Premiere” 09-Sjöblom-Brand New Life (Ohne Nomen Remix) “Premiere” 10-And One-Driving With My Darling 11-Apoptygma Berzerk-Kathy’s Song 12-Recoil/Alan Wilder-Black Box (Promo […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #90 – 30/05/21

30 May 2021

#90 01-Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo 02-Lady Gaga-Alejandro 03-Albina – Tick-Tock 04-Madonna-Music (Colderano Radio Version) 05-Depeche Mode-Heaven (JdB Club Promo Mix) 06-Oxia-Domino (Phaxe & Morten Grauna Remix) 07-Cirez D.-Glow 08-Boris Brejcha-The Darkest Night 09-Faithless-Insomnia (Dan Lypher & MKdj Bootleg) 10-Close To Monday-I Want To Be You “PREMIERE” 11- Kid Moxi-Big In Japan (Luxxury Remix) 12-Clan […]

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Synthesize Me #416

9 May 2021

Hour 1 Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Pet Shop Boys – Brick England Rotersand & Evendorff – Grey (Rotersand rework) Eurotix – Conquer The Universe RROYCE – Too Little Beat Noir Deluxe feat. Lisa Anesi – Nemesis (RROYCE remix) Tin Gun – Devils & Angels (Psykelektric remix) Beyond Border – Stand (Extended Version) Scyia feat. Stephen Newton […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #88 – 9/05/21

9 May 2021

01-A Ha-Summer Moved On (Live) 02-Pet Shop Boys-Suburbia (Live) 03-Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Live) 04-REM-Losing My Religion (Live) 05-Crannberries – Zombie (Live) 06-Rammstein-Du Riechst So Gut (Live) 07-U2-Where Street Have No Name (Live) 08-New Order-Blue Monday (Live) 09-Faithless-Imsomnia (Live) 10-And One-Für (Live) 11-Camouflage-Love Is A Shield (Live) 12-Mesh-You Didn’t Want Me (Live) 13-Covenant-Der Leiermann (Live) 14-Apoptygma Berzerk-Kathy’s […]

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New Dreams For Old #189

4 May 2021

  1st Hour 1. Vaylon Tranquility 2. The Saint Paul But He Will 3. Blume Western Rust 4. Blume The Chosen 5. BlakLight Control (Broken Mix) 6. Zynic Cardiac Arrest 7. Machinista Arizona Lights 8. Eisfabrik White Storm 9. Solar Fake Arrive Somewhere 10. Solar Fake All the Things You Say 11. Solar Fake Where […]

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Synthesize Me #412 – Echozone special part 1

5 April 2021

Hour 1 !distain – SynthpopBoy (Oren Amram Synthesize Me club remix) Avoid A Void – Until I Paralyze (Seadrake extended remix) Beat Noir Deluxe feat. Lisa Anesi – Nemesis (RROYCE remix) Chorea Minor – Trickle of Life (Rotersand remix) Versus – Immer Dann Minerve – Hold Me Tight POS.:2 – No Time To Waste (Oren […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #83 – 4/04/21

4 April 2021

#83 01-Camouflage-I’ll Follow Behind 02-Depeche Mode-It’s No Good 03-Propaganda-P Machinery 04-New Order-Touched by the Hand of God 05-Human League-Don’t You Want Me 06-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax 07-Pet Shop Boys-Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) 08-Red Flage-Deeper Shade Of Blue 09-Real Life-Send Me An Angel 10-Communards-Don’t leave me this Way 11-Psyche-Unveiling The Secret 12-Elektrostaub feat. !distain-Loneliness […]

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Synthesize Me #410

22 March 2021

Hour 1 Piston Damp – Loose Ends (extended remix) Solar Fake – Just Leave It Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone Logic & Olivia – Night of Despair Blutengel – The Sun Always Shines on TV Blutengel – Ship of Fools Condition One – Breathing Spandau Ballet – The Freeze (12” Version) Elektrostaub feat. !distain […]

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Synthesize Me #409

15 March 2021

Hour 1 Piston Damp – Loose Ends (extended remix) Diorama – Gasoline Blutengel – Dr. Mabuse Blutengel – Hymn BlackCar Burning – The Mirror BlakLight – Unknown Love (Hollowlove remix) Sparks – When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’ Echo Image – Walk My Mind (Apoptygma Berzerk remix) Condition One – Sinner Condition One […]

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