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Lights Of Euphoria

New Dreams For Old #178

26 January 2021

1st Hour 1 Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren Stardust 2 Projekt Ich Society Class feat. Stocksnskins (L_iGH_T Remix) 3 J:Dead A Thousand Adventures 4 Syrian Supernova 5 Spektralized Sprits 6 Cosmicity The Anger Remains (Extended Mix) 7 Mind Machine Here And There (Mind Machine Extended 12_ Mix) 8 Lord and Master The Silence (Lord […]

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New Dreams For Old #176

12 January 2021

  NDFO#176: 1st Hour 1 Parralox Sirius 2 Black Transgressions 3 Camouflage Suspicious Love (Faltenhall Remix) 4 Rotersand Grey (feat. Evendorff) [Light Grey] 5 BlakLight Isolation (People Theatre Asteroid Mix) 6 Fused No Fear (Shameless Club Mix) 7 Beyond Border Substitution (Gate Mix) 8 Beyond Border Where Are You (Live) 9 AfterDark Alone (Missing in […]

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New Dreams For Old #172

24 November 2020

NDFO#172.1 1. Frontier Guards Sightings – MC1R Rmx 2. In Good Faith Contradiction Mental Discipline Remix 3. The Saint Paul Be a Rebel 4. The Saint Paul Detached (Extended Mix) 5. BlakLight Under The BlakLight 6. BlakLight I Remember Nothing 7. BlakLight This Lonely Night 8. After The Rain Game Over 9. After The Rain […]

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New Dreams For Old #165

6 October 2020

NDFO#165.1 1. Binary Park How Strange (Extended Mix) 2. Frozen Plasma Safe Dead Harm (Extended Club Edit) 3. Renard Hotel (feat.Marian Gold) 4. Future Lied to Us Falling 5. Future Lied to Us Suffocate 6. Lights of Euphoria True Life 7. Rotersand Waiting To Be Born (Rework) 8. Rotersand Torn Realities (Extended Version) 9. Loewenhertz […]

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Synthesize Me #342

23 September 2019

Hour 1 RROYCE – Parallel Worlds !distain – Wer im Kreise Geht (Cyborgdrive Remix) Cyborgdrive feat. Insight – A Place in Time Insight – Last Goodbye After The Rain – Mirror Eyes (Oren Amram Atomic remix) Syrian feat. Marian Gold – Supernova (Extended Version) Alphaville – To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix) […]

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Synthesize Me #303

9 December 2018

Hour 1 Wiegand – Floating Away (Wiegand Aftershow Remix) Mondträume – Broken Wings Eurotix – Hypnotized Mental Discipline feat. Lights Of Euphoria – Lifekiller Eloquent – Nothing But Trouble (Nature of Wires Remix) Covenant – Bullet (Club Version) DarwinMcD and Huguenot – Run (Parralox Radio Remix) Parralox feat. Marcella Detroit – Paradise (People Theatre’s Parapluie […]

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