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Nitzer Ebb

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #74 – 24/01/21

24 January 2021

01-Nitzer Ebb-Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) 02-Recoil (Alan wilder/Depeche Mode) feat. Douglas McCarthy (NEP)-Faith Healer 03-Depeche Mode-In Chains (Alan Wilder Mix) 04-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow 05-Gary Numan-My Name is Ruin 06-Black Car Burning (Mark Hocking/mesh)-Mirror (New Song) 07-And One-Sometimes 08-Camouflage-I Can Feel You (Mesh Mix) 09-Beborn Beton-She Cried 10-Condition One-Heavenly (New Song) 11-De/Vision-I Regret 12-!distain-Conversation Overkill […]

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Fake Noise 25

20 January 2021

Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant She Past Away – Durdu Dünya_Boy Harsher Remix Brigitte Handley – Köln Front 242 – Circling Overland Heimataerde – Musikerhaende SIMI NAH –  Eisbaer Paradox Obscur – Not Of This World ULTRA SUNN – Keep Your Eyes Peeled The Soft Moon – Being_Ancient Methods Remix HOLYGRAM – Signals […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #70 – 27/12/20

27 December 2020

01-Depeche Mode-Walking in my shoes (Extended 12“ Mix) 02-Pet Shop Boys-Single 03-Off / Sven Väth – Electronic Salsa 04-Camouflage-The Great Commandment 2.0 05-Condition One-Relentless & Reinless “PREMIERE!” 06-De/Vision-To Be With You 07-Beborn Beton-She Cried 08-Dark Voices-I will 09-Covenant-Dies Irae 10-And One-Killing The Mercy 11-!distain- A Million Engines (Orchestral Mix by Aliennation) “PREMIERE!” 12-Deine Lakaien-Because Of […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #68 – 13/12/20

13 December 2020

01-Boytronic-You can’t Get Fooled by Love (Ant People Remix) 02-The Independent Season – The Visitor 03-The Hooligan – If There was no Gravity 04-Electronic feat PSB feat.New Order – Disappointed 05-Robbie Williams & the Pet Shop Boys – No Regret 06-Pet Shop Boys – We’re the Pet Shop Boys 07-Red Flag – Deeper shade Of […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #66 – 29/11/20

29 November 2020

01-Condition One – Stay (Premiere) 02-And One – Love Trashing Girls 03-Boytronic – The Universe 04-M.I.N.E – Devil’s Wonderland 05-Depeche Mode – Its Called A Heart 06-Pet Shop Boys – Where The Street Have No Name 07-OMD – Pandora’s Box 08-Sparks – When I Kiss You 09-Camouflage – Bad News 10-A Ha – Forestfire 11-Real […]

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New Dreams For Old #172

24 November 2020

NDFO#172.1 1. Frontier Guards Sightings – MC1R Rmx 2. In Good Faith Contradiction Mental Discipline Remix 3. The Saint Paul Be a Rebel 4. The Saint Paul Detached (Extended Mix) 5. BlakLight Under The BlakLight 6. BlakLight I Remember Nothing 7. BlakLight This Lonely Night 8. After The Rain Game Over 9. After The Rain […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #64 – 15/11/20

15 November 2020

RADIO PLUS SETUP BY DJ ELVIS RASHIDI #64 01-Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence 02-Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – All This and Nothing (Dim Zack Mix) 03-Camouflage-Shine 04-Diorama-Gasoline 05-Condition One-Suffer (World Premiere) 06-And One-Shouts Of Joy 07-De/Vision-To Be with You 08-Beborn Beton-Cried 09-Wolfsheim-Find Your Here 10-Holly Johnson-Americanos 11-Pet Shop Boys-Miracles 12-Electronic feat. PSB fest. New […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #59 – 11/10/20

11 October 2020

  01-Assemblage 23 – Welcome Apocalypse (Alpha Quadrant Remix) 02-Camouflage – We Are Lovers 03-!distain – Conffession 04-De/Vision – Digital Dream (Mesh Remix) 05-Dirk Scheuber feat. Wollank – Never Been 06-Neuroticfish – Fluchtreflex 07-Peter Heppner – Just One Word (PixTom Mix) 08-Renard (Markus Reinhardt) feat. Marian Gold (Alphaville) – Hotel “PREMIERE” 09-Plexiphone – The Power […]

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The B side spot with Manfred Thomaser – full archive 2015-2020

1 September 2020

the B-side spot is a weekly spot on the “Synthesize me” radio show, hosted by Manfred Thomaser (!distain) and Oren Amram. welcome to “The B-side spot” full archive! we are Manfred Thomaser and Oren Amram. first of all, you probably ask yourself what this is all about, right? well….  The terms A-side and B-side refer […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #51 – 9/8/20

9 August 2020

Hans Zimmer & Alan Walker – Time Covenant – Fulwell Sven Väth – Dein Schweiss Novakill  – Strike Nitzer Ebb – Shame (Mix Nr.2) Project Pitchfork – And The Sun was Blue Purwien & Kowa – When Love is gone Erasure – Shot A Satallite OMD – Pandora’s Box Sparks – More Than A Sexmachine […]

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