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Obsession of time

Synthtopia With John Tupper #74

8 March 2021

  1.Chrom-Walked the Line (RRoyce Remix) 2016 2.Digital Energy-Path 2019 3.The Livelong June-Middle Aged Rebel 2021 4.Obsession Of Time-You Brought Feelings (Den Der Killen Remix) 2021 5.Projekt Ich Feat Electric City Cowboys (Obsession of time Remix) 2021 6.Echo Image-Walk My Mind (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 2021 7.LorD and Master-Time to think (Dek101 Remix) 2021 8.Lucca Leebo-Fantality […]

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Synthtopia With John Tupper #62

7 December 2020

1.Edge of Dawn-Stage Fright 2010 2.Mental Exile-Renegades 2018 3.Beyond Obsession-Cry 2020 4.Brutalist Architecture in the Sun-Through the Trees 2020 5.Fake the Envy-Kings for a Day 2008 6.FloE-Mi Voz 2020 7.Obsession of time-Don’t look back 2020 8.Solar Fake-This Pretty Life (Random Starlight Remix) 2020 9.Industrial Zoo-What goes around Comes around 2020 10.Mika Ella-Never Let it Die […]

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Synthtopia With John Tupper #56

26 October 2020

1.EmT-What else can I do 2017 2.Bimboboy (Dennis Alexis)-Drama Queen (Champagne Synth Remix) 2006 3.Digitalo-Darth Vader 2016 4.Vogon Poetry-Barren Lands 2020 5.Parralox-Conclusion 2020 6.Xelam-For you 2020 7.Obsession of time-Obsession 2016 8.Torul-Halloween 2010 9.Dancing with Ruby-Nightmare 2015 10.Brand New Day-Leaving it all behind 2013 11.Steven Jones and Man Parrish-Never ending story 2020 12.VNV Nation-If I was […]

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