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Opal Krush

The Sol of Synth-Pop: Top 25 tracks of 2019

5 January 2020

  Music featured 1st hour includes: OMD, Information Society, Michael Oakley, Howard Jones, Matthias & Marss, Channel 69, Huguenot, Unroyal, Elyxr, and more! Music featured 2nd hour includes: Cosmicity, Hollowlove, Mind Machine, Pacific Deep, MDA, Opal Krush, and Eric C. Powell. Plus a special award honouring remix artist, DarwinMcd.  

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 062

22 April 2019

Hour 1 – Music featured this hour includes: Kraftwerk, OMD, Eminent Sol, Anything Box, Erasure, Opal Krush, Pet Shop Boys, Color Theory, Stereo In Solo, and more! Hour 2 – Music featured this hour includes: Karl Bartos, Heliophile, Underworld, Martyn Bailey, New Order, Howard Jones, Train To Spain, Ghastly Shadows, Tom Bailey, and more!  

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