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New Dreams For Old #173

1 December 2020

NDFO#173.1 1. Frozen Plasma Age After Age 2. Frozen Plasma Rain 3. j:dead Feeding On Me (Grendel Remix) 4. Vainerz Reality 5. Vainerz Inspiration 6. Zynic Soul for Sale 7. State Of The Union Rise Up! (Long Version) 8. Mental Discipline Wdywfm (feat. Spektralized) 9. N-Frequency Secret Land 10. N-Frequency She Loves You 11. NamNamBulu […]

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New Dreams For Old #147

2 June 2020

  NDFO#147.1 1. Anna Lux & Alienare (feat. Schwarzschild & Alphamay) Illuminate (feat. Schwarzschild & Alphamay) 2. Empathy Test Making Worlds 3. Out Of Sphere Like a Spider 4. Faderhead From His Broken Bones 5. Valentina Reptile Truth or Death 6. Softwave Human Beings (Nature of Wires Remix) 7. Howard Jones Joy 8. Panic Lift […]

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Synthesize Me #344

7 October 2019

  Hour 1 RROYCE – Parallel Worlds IAMX – Kiss And Swallow Tin Gun – We Are Not Your Enemy Tenek – Imitation of Life Eurasianeyes – Call Your God Muse – Resistance (Tiesto Remix) RROYCE – I Felt Alive Insight – Last Goodbye Solitary Experiments – Sanctuary (Future Lied To Us RMX) !distain – […]

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 075 – 4 hours special

9 September 2019

Music featured this hour includes: Howard Jones, OMD, Hollowlove, Lghtnng, Information Society, Depeche Mode, Train To Spain, De/Vision, Falco, Erasure, and more! Music featured this hour includes: Anything Box, Eminent Sol, Tears For Fears, MDA, Stereo In Solo, Michael Oakley, Tenek, EMT, DarwinMcD, Icehouse, and more! Music featured this hour includes: Kraftwerk, Jonteknik, Karl Bartos, […]

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Synthesize Me #326

20 May 2019

  Hour 1 Projekt Ich feat. !distain – Thanks (Oren Amram Disco Mix) FrozenPlasma – Gefühlsmaschine Ultimated – I Need Your Love ( Cyborgdrive Remix) Technoir – Love Like Blood Eisfabrik – Walking Towards The Sun Harmjoy – We Could Go On People Theatre feat. Tess Fries – Welcome To Goodbye Eurotix – My Eyes Analogue-X – Angel Of Light Crush 333 – Devotion Parralox – Bring On The Dancing […]

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