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Synthesize Me #406 – Valentine’s Day special

15 February 2021

Hour 1 Rotersand – A Strange Kind of Love And One – So Klingt Liebe (Club hit) Beborn Beton – The Colour of Love Minerve – Forbidden Love Alphaville – A Victory of Love Camouflage – Love Is A Shield (Live in Dresden 2009) Erasure – Chains Of Love New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle […]

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Synthesize Me #405

8 February 2021

      Hour 1 Schiller vs. Alphaville – Summer in Berlin 2021 Logic & Olivia – Because of Your Smile Wolfsheim – The Sparrows and the Nightingales Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb BlackCar Burning – Make Another Plan Uncreated feat. Mark Hockings – Hand Grenade (Detonate remix by Richard Silverthorn) BlakLight – Isolation (People […]

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Synthtopia With John Tupper #69

25 January 2021

1.Digital Eneregy-Take a Ride 2020 2.J:Dead-Feeding on me Grendel Remix 2021 3.Angels & Agony-Inside Sanity 2015 4.Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell-Soul to your Heart 2021 5.Psyche-Over the Shoulder 2020 6.Mordelin-Black & Red 2019 7.More-One Lap 2020 8.Presence Of Mind-Its too late 2016 9.The Second Sight-More & More 2020 10.Reflection-Conéctame 2019 11.Haberdashery-Jazz Age 2020 12.Wolfsheim-Love […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #65 – 22/11/20

22 November 2020

01-Wolfsheim-The Sparrows 02-T.O.Y.-But Not Tonight 03-!distain-Tears Of Joy 04-De/Vision-Sweet Life 05-Camouflage-Conversation 06-Condition One-Sinner 07-Depeche Mode-Nothing (Justin Strauss Mix) 08-M.I.N.E.-Devil’s Wonderland 2premiere” 09-Deine Lakaien-Becaus The Night “Premiere” 10-Silke Bischoff -Under Your Skin 11-Mesh-Safe With Me 12-Highersense-Dreaming On (Club Mix) 13-And One-zu zweit 14-Beborn Beton-She Cried 15-Assemblage 23-Welcome Apocalypse 16-Purwien & Kowa-Du (Club Mix) “Premiere” 17-Zoodrake-Our Light […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #64 – 15/11/20

15 November 2020

RADIO PLUS SETUP BY DJ ELVIS RASHIDI #64 01-Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence 02-Dave Gahan & Soulsavers – All This and Nothing (Dim Zack Mix) 03-Camouflage-Shine 04-Diorama-Gasoline 05-Condition One-Suffer (World Premiere) 06-And One-Shouts Of Joy 07-De/Vision-To Be with You 08-Beborn Beton-Cried 09-Wolfsheim-Find Your Here 10-Holly Johnson-Americanos 11-Pet Shop Boys-Miracles 12-Electronic feat. PSB fest. New […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #61 – 25/10/20

25 October 2020

#61 Setup by DJ Elvis Rashidi – RIP JOSÈ ALVAREZ BRILL (JAB) 01 – Witt & Heppner – Die Flut (Extended Version) [produced by jose Alvarez Brill] 02- Alphaville – Forever Young (Alvarez Brill Remix) 03- De/Vision – Heart Shaped Tumor (Alvarez Brill Remix) 04- Camouflage – Suspecious Love (Alvarez Brill Remix) 05- Alvarez & […]

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The B side spot with Manfred Thomaser – full archive 2015-2020

1 September 2020

the B-side spot is a weekly spot on the “Synthesize me” radio show, hosted by Manfred Thomaser (!distain) and Oren Amram. welcome to “The B-side spot” full archive! we are Manfred Thomaser and Oren Amram. first of all, you probably ask yourself what this is all about, right? well….  The terms A-side and B-side refer […]

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New Dreams For Old #159

25 August 2020

NDFO#159.1 1. We The North Understand Me – TdF Remix 2. We The North ††† 3. Uncreated Helgon (feat. Måns Jonasson) We The North Remix 4. Uncreated Break Free (feat. Dennis Schober) 5. The Frixion Deceive a Believer (Nude Sound System Remix) 6. The Frixion To Hell and Back (Radio Edit) 7. Kim Lunner Falls […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #53 – 23/8/20

23 August 2020

01-Sparks – Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil 02-Mark Oh & Mesh – Waves 03-Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime (Extended) 04-Condition One – Running (PREMIERE) 05-Camouflage – Suspecious Love 06-Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth 07-And One – Sometimes 08-Pet Shop Boys – Left To my own devices 09-The Brute – […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #52 – 16/8/20

16 August 2020

  Setup by DJ Elvis Rashidi Nr 52 01-David Gilmoure (PINK FLOYD) – Rattle That the Lock 02-Roger Waters (EX-PINK FLOYD) – What God Wants 03-U2 – Until The End Of The world 04-The Beatles – Yesterday 05-Johnny Cash – Hurt 06-Elvis Presley – Don’t Be Cruel 07-Soulsavers & Dave Gahan – All Of This […]

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