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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #149 – 31/7/22

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-149/   #149 01-Camouflage-Shine 02-Depeche Mode-Where Is The Revolution 03-Roger Waters-Picture That 04-Pink Floyd-High Hopes 05-Queen-The Show Must Go On 06-A Ha-Crying In The Rain 07-Depeche Mode-Stripped 08-Queen-You Don't fool me 09-Duran Duran-Notorious 10-Pet Shop Boys-Shopping 11-Rroyce-Parallel World 12-Mat Heart-Absolute Zero (Rotersand Classic Mix) PREMIERE 13-Rotersand-Monopole 14-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow 15-And One-Shouts Of Joy 16-Nero-Satisfy 17-Suicide Commando-CutBleed Eviscrate 18-SITD-Wegweiser 19-Wumpscut-Hang Him Higher 20-Nik11-Touch Me 21-VNV Nation-Control 22-Project Pitchfork-Timekiller 23-Aesthetic Perfection-LAX 24-Praga […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #147 – 10/7/22

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-147/ #147 01-A-Ha-summer Moved On 02-Duran Duran-Come Undone 03-Tears For Fears-The tipping point 04-New order-I Told You so 05-Pet Shop Boys-This must be the place 06-Depeche Mode-Clean 07-And One-Mirror In Your Heart 08-Camouflage-Perfect 09-Wolfsheim-Künstliche welten 10-De/Vision-Take Me To the Time 11-Mark Oh & Mesh-Waves 12-!Distain-Conversation Overkill 13-Cicero-River Of Lies 14-Sea Of Sin-Sychronize 15-IAMX-Scream 16-Covenant-Dies Irae 17-VNV Nation-Beloved 18-Project Pitchfork-And The Sun Was Blue 19-Wumpscut-Hang Him Higher 20-Suicide Commando-Death Cures All […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #97 – 18/07/21

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-97-180721/ #97 01-A Ha-The Living Daylights (Extended Remix) (007 Movie) 02-Duran Duran-A View To A Kill (007 Movie) 03-Queen-You Don’t Fool Me 04-Sting-Desert Rose 05-Talk Talk-Such A Shame 06-Pet Shop Boys-Opportunities 07-Survivor-Burning Heart (ROCKY) 08-Tina Turner one of the living (MadMax) 09-Standi-Here Is A Dream (Flash Dance) 10-Blondie-Call Me (American Gigolo) 11-Bonnie Tyler-Holding Out for a Hero (Footloose) 12-Michael Sembello-Meniac (Flash Dance) 13-Jimmy Somerville-Tomorrow 14-Depeche Mode-Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #92 – 13/06/21

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-92-130621/ 01-Depeche Mode-Strangelove 02-Pet Shop Boys-It’s A Sin 03-Alphaville-Big In Japan (Extended Version) 04-Anne Clark-Our Darkness (US Version) 05-A Ha-The Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version) 06-New Order-Blue Monday 07-The Human League-Don’t You Want Me 08-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Relax 09-Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Razormaid US Mix) 10-Erasure-A Little Respect 11-Yello-The Race 12-Den Harrow-Don#T Break My Heart 13-Visage-Fade To Grey 14-Off feat. Sven Väth-Electrica Salsa 15-Black Needle Noise-Machine (Soman remix) “Premiere” 16-Soman-Up […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #84 – 11/04/21

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-84-110421/ #84 01-Björk-Bachelorette 02-Madonna-Frozen 03-Kylie-Love Affair 04-Sylver-Turn The Tide 05-Snap-Rhythm Is A Dancer 06-Jam & Spoon & David May & Amfree-in The Night 07-Tom Craft-Loneliness 08-Da Hool & Oakenfield-Meet at the Loveparade 09-Tom Wilson-Techno Cat 10-Stefan Dabruck-Acid Phase 11-Rammstein-Ausländer (Felix Jahen Mix) 12-Project Pitchfork-Existence (VNV Nation Mix) 13-VNV Nation-Epicentre 14-Covenant-Last Dance 15-And One-Military Fashion Show 16-And One feat. Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb)-Get It 17-Aesthetic Perfection-Dead Zone (Sierra Mix) “PREMIERE” 18-Leaether […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #81 – 21/03/21

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-81-210321/ #81 Norouz – Happy Iranian New Year 01-Andy-Norouz 02-U2-New Years Day 03-Duran Duran-Wild boys (extended Version) 04-Billy Idol-Rebel Yell 05-Depeche Mode-Enjoy The Silence 06-Pet Shop Boys-Paninaro 95 07-A Ha-Forestfire 08-Anne Clark-Our darkness 09-Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Razormaid Mix) 10-Alphaville-Elevator 11-Camouflage-Love Is A Shield (Extended) 12-Yazoo-Don’t Go (Memphis Mix) 13-Depeche Mode-People Are People (Memphis Mix) 14-And One-Shouts Of Joy 15-Collapsed System-Blute Jetzt (And One Mix) 16-Project Pitchfork-Timekiller 17-Rotersand-Electronic Worldion (SITD Mix) 18-Wumpscut-Hang […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #69 – 20/12/20

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-69-201220/ 01-Human League – Being Boiled 02-PSB – This must be the Place 03-Camouflage – Motif Sky (Extended Version) 04-Martin Lee Gore – In A Manner of Speaking (Trandy Mix) 05-Carlos Peron – Livin under Quarantine 06-CJ Borika & Daft Punk – Veridis Quo 07-Faithless – Salva Mea 08-Prodigy – Smack my bitch up 09-Chemical Brothers – Hey Boys Hey Girls 10- Royskopp – What Else is shere (Trendmoller Mix) […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #59 – 11/10/20

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-59-111020/   01-Assemblage 23 - Welcome Apocalypse (Alpha Quadrant Remix) 02-Camouflage - We Are Lovers 03-!distain - Conffession 04-De/Vision - Digital Dream (Mesh Remix) 05-Dirk Scheuber feat. Wollank - Never Been 06-Neuroticfish - Fluchtreflex 07-Peter Heppner - Just One Word (PixTom Mix) 08-Renard (Markus Reinhardt) feat. Marian Gold (Alphaville) - Hotel "PREMIERE" 09-Plexiphone - The Power Of Love 10-DigitalEnergy - Unite (Club Mix) 11-And One - Shouts Of Joy 12-Mesh […]

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dj Elvis

Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #57 – 20/9/20

https://www.mixcloud.com/djelvisrashidi/radio-plus-set-up-by-dj-elvis-rashidi-57-200920/ 1. And One – Shouts Of Joy 2. Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign 3. Nero – Satisfy 4. Suicide Commando – Unterwelt 5. Future Lied To Us – Blue Light 6. X Divide – Sympathy (NNB Mix) 7. Peter Heppner – Give Us What We Need 8. T.O.Y. – Lies To Tell 9. Condition One – Black Skin 10. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Promo Mix) 11. M.I.N.E. – […]

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