1st Hour

1. Formalin
Before We Fade Away
(Bonus Track)

2. Kim Lunner
Little Chance

3. EvilMoon Project
This Hate (2021 Mix)

4. Probe
Spectre (Aircrash Bureau Remix)

5. The Saint Paul

6. The Saint Paul

7. The Saint Paul
Your Face

8. VH x RR
Somewhere In Time
(12​-​inch Extended Mix)

9. Kraftwerk
Boing Boom Tschak

10. system syn
We Had Time (Mercury Lust Remix)

11. system syn
Once Upon a Second Act (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)

12. Destin Frgile
Worlds Apart

13. Nature of Wires ft Lady bNOW
It’s a Tragedy

14. Faderhead
Better (feat. Chris Harms)


2nd Hour

15. The Birthday Massacre
The NeverEnding Story

16. Electro Spectre
Dancing Girl

17. Form
You (Single Edit)

18. digital ENERGY
Decisions (N-Frequency Remix)

19. Nature of Wires
Through Someone Else’s Eyes (feat. Madil Hardis)

20. Fragrance
The Cure (feat. Lulannie)

21. TOAL

22. Entrzelle
Tax on Modern Life (Heavy)

23. Palast
Tell Me Why

24. Electronic Frequency
My own Kingdom

25. Beyond Border
(Frozen Plasma Remix)

26. Schwarzschild
Bis Zum Ende Der Zeit
(Reaktor Ray Of Hope Edit)

27. Midge Ure
Dear God (Live) [2010 Remaster]