1. Fractal Age

2. Sea of Sin

3. Alphamay
Black Parasite

4. Rebentisch,
Max Momentum
Borderliner Bipolar
(Suck your stalker rmx)

5. OUL
Dwell On The Other Side

6. Marcelo Andrea
Feel it (Original Mix)

7. T.X.T.
Girl’s Got A Brand New Toy

8. Binary Park
Bad connection

9. Future Perfect
Calm before the storm

10. John Foxx
My Face

11. NINA
One Of Us (Original Mix)

12. Aeon Rings
Bleed (Original Mix)

13. Syntec
Catch My Fall


1. Mental Discipline
Fallen Stars (feat. Peter Rainman)

2. Dangerous Muse
The Rejection

3. Culture Kultur
A Few Words

4. Crystal Castles

5. Cetu Javu

6. Eloquent
Space Academy

7. H2O
Blue Diamond (Extended Mix)

8. Erasure
Heavenly Action

9. B-Movie
Letter From Afar

10. The Beloved
Forever Laughing

11. Aesthetic Perfection
Antibody (Single Version)

12. Seabound

13. Ultravox
Lament (Extended Mix)

14. Visage
The Steps

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