02-Die Krupps-Fatherland
03-Oomph!-Augen Auf!
04-Placebo-The Bitter End
05-Nirvana-Smell Like Teen Spirit
06-Marilyn Manson-We are Chaos
07-Sisters Of Mercy-More
08-Skinny Puppy-Huminate
09-NIN-Only / Final Destination
10-Project Pitchfork-View from A Thorn
11-Depeche Mode-Where is the Revolution
13-The Second Sight-More and More
14-And One-Love is always on your Side
15-Collapsed System-Blute Jetzt (Naghavi Mix)
16-Front 242-Never Stop
17-Boy Harsher-Fate
18-Cirez D-Glow
19-Egorythmia-Black Hole
20-Nik11-Touch Me
22-Suicide Commando-Unterwelt
23-Sven Väth-Dein Schweiss
24-ECO-Liebe & Hass