Ultravox – The Voice
Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric?
Kraftwerk – The Model
Tin Gun – Devils & Angels (Radio Edit)
ELACE – Wake Me Up
VH x RR – The Speed of Light
Eric C. Powell feat. Andrea Powell – Soul To Your Heart
Sombre View – Guilt
Train To Spain – Hide & Seek
Color Theory – Mages
After The Season – Airport Sunrise
Bryan Ferry – Dance With Life (Brilliant Light)

Anything Box – Decades
Anything Box – Where Is Love And Happiness?
Yazoo – Bad Connection
Depeche Mode – A Photograph Of You
Pulse Lab – Tears Of A Fool
Dissonance feat. Kurt Larson – Running Up That Hill
The Chromatics – I’m On Fire
Freezepop – The Ravine
cosmicity – Blue Little Rose
Jonteknik feat. Jimm Kjelgaard – Nothing
Alien Skin – Be My Baby
The Grey Disorder – Drive
Cetu Javu – Quien Lo Sabia?