Hour 1

Katja von Kassel – Lili Marlene
In Good Faith – Explore (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe Remix)
Noyce™ – The World Is Quiet
Empathy Test – Bare My Soul
Eurotix – Conquer The Universe
Second Version – Love Is a Shield
WANT/ed feat. Miranda Cartel – My Pride
Diary Of Dreams – Dream Of A Ghost
Softwave – Awake But Still Asleep (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe remix)
Out Of Sphere – Wheel Of Time
Rename – Firewall
Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
B side spot #88 – Men Without Hats – Freeways (Euromix)
Synthpoplover 80’s spot #92 – Jean Michel Jarre – Equinoxe Part 5

Hour 2

B Movie – A Letter From A Far (big mix)
Rroyce – The Dying Of Your Pride
Loewenhertz – Unsichtbar (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe Mix)
e-bit – Stronger
Andrew Marston & Jon Sidwell featuring Lucia Nicole – Pray For Me (Nature of Wires Remix)
Ruined Conflict – Legacy
Eloquent – Images of heaven (oren amram remix)
In Contact vs. The Perfidy of Pop – Goldmine
Zynic – Say Just Words
Endless Shame – Locomotive
DM spot #64 – Depeche Mode – Somebody (Long Kernfusion)
De/Vision – Where’s the Light (Extended)
!distain – Together (People theatre Remix)