1. Beyond Border
(feat. Lis Van Den Akker)
The Damned Don’t Cry (Club Version)

2. Am Tierpark
Not Welcome

3. Alienare
(Paralysed Mix by avoid-a-void)

4. NamNamBulu
Ignorance (Perceive Mix)

5. JanRevolution
Man Without Return
(Frozen Plasma Remix)

6. Foretaste
I Know Where to Find You (Remix)

7. Hapax
Creature of Distance

8. The Mobile Homes
How People Talk

9. Lowe
Ahead of Our Time (Extended Version)

10. [:SITD:]
Puls:Schlag (feat. Dennis Schober)

11. Fake The Envy
Truth of People Damned

12. Fake The Envy
Nothing Left To Say


1. Unique Strain

2. Sea of Sin
Unspoken Words

3. Nine Seconds
Lie To Me (Mind In A Box Remix)

4. Biomekkanik
State of Perfection
(Totalitarian clb mix)

5. Elegant Machinery
Move (Reconnected Mix)

6. !distain
(People Theatre’s Edge Mix)

7. Dreams Divide

8. Minerve
Don’t Ask Me Why
(Midnight Resistance Remix)

9. Seabound

10. The Twins
Inside Out

11. De/Vision
Your Hands On My Skin