1. Elektrostaub
(Steve’s 120 BPM RMX)

2. Hidden Souls
Separate Ways

3. Peter Heppner

4. Peter Heppner
Herz (Metropolis)

5. Ultravox
Love’s Great Adventure
(Extended Version)

6. Ruined Conflict

7. Ruined Conflict
In Open Arms (Sanctuary Remix)

8. Machinista
Wasted (Feat Toril Lindqvist)

9. Machinista
Pushing The Angels Astray (IIOIOIOII Remix)

10. 0Kontrol
The Void (remixed by WANTed)

11. Loewenhertz
Lights of the night

12. Diorama
Dear Brother



1. !Distain
Strange Affection
[remixed by chinese theatre]

2. Solitary Experiments
A Rush Of Ecstasy

3. Chrom
Worst Day

4. OMD
Secret (Version Remix)

5. Dominatrix
Shannon – Give me tonight
(Hybrid Retro Mix)

6. Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark
The hardest heart

7. And One
Wet Spot

8. Peter Heppner
Once Again

9. Assemblage 23

10. Beborn Beton
24-7 Mystery
(Chuck Mellow Remix)

11. Mesh
Let Them Crush

12. Mesh
Little Missile