01-Wolfsheim-The Sparrows
02-T.O.Y.-But Not Tonight
03-!distain-Tears Of Joy
04-De/Vision-Sweet Life
06-Condition One-Sinner
07-Depeche Mode-Nothing (Justin Strauss Mix)
08-M.I.N.E.-Devil’s Wonderland 2premiere
09-Deine Lakaien-Becaus The Night “Premiere”
10-Silke Bischoff -Under Your Skin
11-Mesh-Safe With Me
12-Highersense-Dreaming On (Club Mix)
13-And One-zu zweit
14-Beborn Beton-She Cried
15-Assemblage 23-Welcome Apocalypse
16-Purwien & Kowa-Du (Club Mix) “Premiere”
17-Zoodrake-Our Light
18-Die Maskerade feat. Stephan Newtown-Wires (Sea Of Sin Mix) “Premiere”
19-Sea Of Sin-Truth (Club Mix)
20-Second Sight-Delicate Balance
21-Scheuber & Wollank-Never Been Missed
24-VNV Nation-Epicentre
25-Apoptygma Berzerk-Eclipse
26-Ruined Conflict feat. Henrik Iversen-The Silent Ones “Premiere”
27-Outro FLA Manical