01-Nitzer Ebb-Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix)
02-Recoil (Alan wilder/Depeche Mode) feat. Douglas McCarthy (NEP)-Faith Healer
03-Depeche Mode-In Chains (Alan Wilder Mix)
04-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow
05-Gary Numan-My Name is Ruin
06-Black Car Burning (Mark Hocking/mesh)-Mirror (New Song)
07-And One-Sometimes
08-Camouflage-I Can Feel You (Mesh Mix)
09-Beborn Beton-She Cried
10-Condition One-Heavenly (New Song)
11-De/Vision-I Regret
12-!distain-Conversation Overkill
13-Peter Heppner-God Smoked
14-Solar Fake-All The Things You Say
15-Covenant-The Men
16-Chorea Minor-Trickle Of Life (Rotersand Mix)
17-Frone Line Assembly-Time Lapse (New Song)
19-Eisfabrik-Too Late
20-VNV Nation-Sentinal
21-Apoptygma Berzerk-Kathy’s Song (VNV Nation Mix)
22-Project Pitchfork-Existence (VNV Nation Mix)
23-Rotersand-Not Alone
24-Interia-New Format