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Solar Fake

Synthesize Me #407

1 March 2021

Hour 1 Jean-Michel Jarre feat. Pet Shop Boys – Brick England Pet Shop Boys & Philip Oakey – This Used To Be The Future Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Together In Electric Dreams (extended 12″) BlackCar Burning – The Mirror Uncreated feat. Mark Hockings – Hand Grenade (Detonate remix by Richard Silverthorn) Casm – […]

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לילה 80 מס’ 241 – ספיישל פורים – עם אורן עמרם 26/2/21

26 February 2021

והערב – לכבוד פורים – עלה לי רעיון מה זה מקורי, שאף אחד לא חשב עליו לפני, תכנית מיוחדת עם שירים שהתחפשו! נכון שזה מיוחד? חידושים ללהיטי שנות השמונים על ידי הרכבי סינת’פופ משנות ה-2000, להקות שמי שמאזין לתכנית שלי  SYNTHESIZE ME בימי ראשון מכיר אותם מצויין. ולמי שלא – הגיע הזמן. 1 christopher ANTON […]

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New Dreams For Old #181

23 February 2021

  1st Hour 1 Gary Numan Berserker 2 Station Echo Say You’re Sorry (Frozen Plasma Remix) 3 Station Echo Mysterious 4 PSY’AVIAH City In Flames (ft. Ellia Bisker) (radio edit) 5 Guardians of Tears A lie in the dark 6 blackcarburning The Mirror 7 Sea of Sin Immaculate 8 Sea of Sin Satellites 9 Solar […]

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New Dreams For Old #179

2 February 2021

  1st Hour 1 Frozen Plasma Lift the Veil 2 Electro Spectre A Different Kind Of Love 3 Solar Fake I Despise You 4 Solar Fake It’s Who You Are 5 BlakLight I Remember Nothing 6 Parralox Tears Run Rings 7 Zynic Dead End 8 A Projection Darwin’s Eden 9 Dead Lights The Host 10 […]

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Synthesize Me #404

25 January 2021

Hour 1 Diorama – Gasoline Eisfabrik – The Choice Rotersand & Evendorff – Grey (Rotersand rework) CHROM – The Start Of Something New Mesh – Born To Lie Man Parrish & Steven Jones – The Visitors Matthias feat. Karen Lee Batten – The Winner Takes It All Solar Fake – Under Control (live in Leipzig) […]

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Set Up with DJ Elvis Rashidi #74 – 24/01/21

24 January 2021

01-Nitzer Ebb-Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) 02-Recoil (Alan wilder/Depeche Mode) feat. Douglas McCarthy (NEP)-Faith Healer 03-Depeche Mode-In Chains (Alan Wilder Mix) 04-IAMX-Mile Deep Hollow 05-Gary Numan-My Name is Ruin 06-Black Car Burning (Mark Hocking/mesh)-Mirror (New Song) 07-And One-Sometimes 08-Camouflage-I Can Feel You (Mesh Mix) 09-Beborn Beton-She Cried 10-Condition One-Heavenly (New Song) 11-De/Vision-I Regret 12-!distain-Conversation Overkill […]

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Synthesize Me #402 – Synthpop Ballads

11 January 2021

Hour 1 Legacy Of Music feat. Mesh – Tragedy RROYCE – Secrets ‘Bout the Others Diorama – Belle Assemblage 23 – Ground (acoustic version) Logic & Olivia – Was It All Christopher ANTON – Blinding Lights Beborn Beton – Terribly Wrong Minerve – Life is an Illusion Loewenhertz – Unsichtbar (Oren amram Invisible remix) Seadrake […]

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Synthtopia With John Tupper #62

7 December 2020

1.Edge of Dawn-Stage Fright 2010 2.Mental Exile-Renegades 2018 3.Beyond Obsession-Cry 2020 4.Brutalist Architecture in the Sun-Through the Trees 2020 5.Fake the Envy-Kings for a Day 2008 6.FloE-Mi Voz 2020 7.Obsession of time-Don’t look back 2020 8.Solar Fake-This Pretty Life (Random Starlight Remix) 2020 9.Industrial Zoo-What goes around Comes around 2020 10.Mika Ella-Never Let it Die […]

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Synthesize Me #395

23 November 2020

Hour 1 Diorama – Gasoline Mental Discipline – Precious Paradise ( remix) – Unicorn (Pro.Version) Croona – Leave Me Alone Solar Fake – This Pretty Life Eisfabrik – Bleeding Hearts Blutengel & Massive Ego – Nothing But a Void Knight$ – What We Leave Behind (People Theatre’s Curtain mix) Scarlet Soho – Gigolo (!distain […]

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New Dreams For Old #168

27 October 2020

  NDFO#168.1 1. Diorama Gasoline 2. Diorama Sensation 3. Melanie C Who I Am 4. Melanie C Nowhere To Run 5. Shelter In the Dark (Extended) 6. Minerve Forbidden Love 7. Agent Side Grinder Inner Noises (Ash Code Remix) 8. Solar Fake I Don’t Want You in Here 9. Solar Fake If I Where You […]

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