01-PSB-Love Etc.
02-Sparks-My Way
03-OMD-Pandora Box
04-Red Flag -Deeper Shade Of Blue
05-Propaganda-P Machinery
06-Avoid A Void-Until I Paralyze (Seadrake Remix)
07-Black Car Burnning / Mark Hockings (mesh)-Mirror
08-Beborn Beton-She Cried
09-Condition One-Black Skin
10-Dark Voices-I Will
11-De/Vision- we Fly…Tonight
12-Peter Heppner-Give Us What We Need
14-Client-Price Of Love
16-T.O.Y.-The Darkness & The Light
18-Project Pitchfork-Souls
19-And One-Killing The Mercy
20-VNV Nation-Further
21-Assemblage 23-Welcome Apocalypse
22-Klack-Faith In Me (Assemblage 23 Remix)
23-Covenant-Go Film (She Wants Revenge Mix)
24-Apoptygma Berzerk-Until The End (Dark Club Mix)
26-Depeche Mode-Ghost