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Synthesize Me #346

11 November 2019

Hour 1 RROYCE – Too Little Versus – Immer Dann JanRevolution – Man Without Return (Frozen Plasma Remix) Eurotix – When You Go (Remix) Midnight Resistance – Under Glass (Oren Amram Clubmix) KNIGHT$ – What’s Your Poison (Diskodiktator Remix) Robotiko Rejekto feat. Katja von Kassel – Love Machine Zoon Politicon – On My Way (Mind […]

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Synthesize Me #345

4 November 2019

Hour 1 RROYCE – My Dearest Enemy Tin Gun – We Are Not Your Enemy Analogue-X – Facade (Patrik Kambo Remix) Nordika – Solo Una Vez Mas JanRevolution – Chasing Through The Night KNIGHT$ – Dollars and Cents Pet Shop Boys – Dreamland (PSB Remix) Versus – A Memory in Frames !distain – Dance in […]

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ספונטני – עם אורן עמרם – הפסנתר (חלק 1) – 1/11/19

1 November 2019

למי שלא מכיר אותי באופן אישי, למדתי פסנתר קלאסי מגיל 6, למשך 10 שנים. קונסרבטוריון, מורה רוסייה, מבוגרת, אני אפילו זוכר את שמה, ציפורה ליבוביץ’… בגיל 13 או 14 גיליתי את המוסיקה האלקטרונית והשקעתי פחות ופחות בפסנתר ובנגינה קלאסית, אני ממש לא זוכר למי נמאס ראשון, לי או למורה שלי, אבל מה שאני כן זוכר […]

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New Dreams For Old #116

11 October 2019

NDFO#116.1 1. Celluloide Quelque chose s’efface 2. JanRevolution Freier Fall 3. JanRevolution Our Time 4. JanRevolution Chasing Through the Night 5. Rroyce Too Little 6. !distain Tears of Joy (Gareth Jones Club Mix Remastered) 7. !distain Synthpopboy 8. !distain Lighthouse Over The Horizon (People Theatre’s Key Mix) 9. Boytronic You Can’t Get Fooled by Love […]

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Synthesize Me #344

7 October 2019

  Hour 1 RROYCE – Parallel Worlds IAMX – Kiss And Swallow Tin Gun – We Are Not Your Enemy Tenek – Imitation of Life Eurasianeyes – Call Your God Muse – Resistance (Tiesto Remix) RROYCE – I Felt Alive Insight – Last Goodbye Solitary Experiments – Sanctuary (Future Lied To Us RMX) !distain – […]

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Synthesize Me #342

23 September 2019

Hour 1 RROYCE – Parallel Worlds !distain – Wer im Kreise Geht (Cyborgdrive Remix) Cyborgdrive feat. Insight – A Place in Time Insight – Last Goodbye After The Rain – Mirror Eyes (Oren Amram Atomic remix) Syrian feat. Marian Gold – Supernova (Extended Version) Alphaville – To Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix) […]

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Synthesize Me #341

16 September 2019

RROYCE – Parallel Worlds Parralox – Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix) !distain – Confession Boytronic – Under The Red (Leather Strip Remix) Logic & Olivia – Pink Pet Shop Boys feat. Years & Years – Dreamland Pulcher Femina – Obsession Solitary Experiments – Every Time (Iris RMX) Seelennacht – My Shelter Sea Of Sin – […]

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New Dreams For Old #114

10 September 2019

NDFO#114.1 1. Boytronic Luna Square (again) 2. Boytronic You Can’t Get Fooled By Love 3. Am Tierpark Kings of Failure 4. Jonteknik We Are Volcanic 5. Torul Waterproof Theme (Aqualite remix) 6. Propaganda How much love 7. The Human League Sky 8. Acretongue Unspoken 9. Analogue X Facade (Single Edit) 10. In Good Faith Someone […]

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 075 – 4 hours special

9 September 2019

Music featured this hour includes: Howard Jones, OMD, Hollowlove, Lghtnng, Information Society, Depeche Mode, Train To Spain, De/Vision, Falco, Erasure, and more! Music featured this hour includes: Anything Box, Eminent Sol, Tears For Fears, MDA, Stereo In Solo, Michael Oakley, Tenek, EMT, DarwinMcD, Icehouse, and more! Music featured this hour includes: Kraftwerk, Jonteknik, Karl Bartos, […]

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Synthesize Me #340

2 September 2019

Hour 1 !distain – Remote Control (Oren Amram mix) Logic & Olivia – Because of your Smile Parralox – Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix) Projekt Ich feat. Erik Stein (Cult With No Name) – Running Positronic – Sweet Summertime Boytronic – Can’t Wait a Second Knight$ – Julia Nordika feat. Alex Braun of !distain – […]

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