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Synthtopia With John Tupper #57

1.Sector 516-Your Defense 2009 2.Mental Discipline feat 64 Rockets-Sweet lie 2018 3.Eloquent-My Happiness 2009 4.Electric City Cowboys-Time 2020 5.Turning Keys-Grey Skies 6.Erotic Elk-Dangerous (DM cover) 7.Matthias & Marss-Harder than you hit 2020 8.Darwin Mcd feat Mark Bebb-Featherlite Remixed by Matthias 2020 9.Spray-Everything's better with Muppet's 10th anniversary Remix 2020 10.Nature of Wires feat Steven Newton-The Masquerade 2020 11.N-Frequency-No Waste of Time 2020 12.Peter Heppner-Chance 2018 13.Avant Garde-I am a Saint […]

todayNovember 2, 2020

The Sol Of Synthpop

The Sol of Synth-Pop: special All-Indie Autumn Celebration

https://www.mixcloud.com/SynthPopSol/the-sol-of-synth-pop-all-indie-autumn-2020-celebration-hour-1-18-october-2020/ https://www.mixcloud.com/SynthPopSol/the-sol-of-synth-pop-all-indie-autumn-2020-celebration-hour-2-18-october-2020/ HOUR 1: EmT - Diva The Rude Awakening - Squeal! (Patrick Kambo Remix) Sombre Moon - Only You Darwin Mcd feat. Mark Bebb - Featherlite (People Theatre's Pillow Remix) BlakLight - Unknown Love BlakLight - Isolation Christopher ANTON - Danger! Provision - Still Transcendent 7 - Control (Radio Edit) Covered in Snow - Hurry Up To Love Here (Radio Edit) MORE - Constant Loop Eminent Sol feat. Jimmy […]

todayOctober 19, 2020

Synthesize Me

The B side spot with Manfred Thomaser – full archive 2015-2020

the B-side spot is a weekly spot on the "Synthesize me" radio show, hosted by Manfred Thomaser (!distain) and Oren Amram. welcome to "The B-side spot" full archive! we are Manfred Thomaser and Oren Amram. first of all, you probably ask yourself what this is all about, right? well....  The terms A-side and B-side refer to the two sides of 45 rpm records, as we know as "7" or 12" […]

todaySeptember 1, 2020

Synthesize Me

Synthesize Me #385

https://www.mixcloud.com/oren-amram/synthesize-me-385-230820-hour-1/   Hour 1 Visage - Pleasure Boys (original 12'' dance mix) Psy'Aviah feat. Roeland van der Velde of Model Depose - Face To Face (People Theatre remix) Mind Machine - Here And There (Eisfabrik extended remix) Eisfabrik - Free 2020 Rotersand - Lost (ReStretched) Adam is a Girl - Insomnia (Solar Fake remix) And One - Shining Star NINA – Unnoticed !distain feat. Oren Amram & Baruch Friedland - […]

todayAugust 24, 2020 2

Synthesize Me

Synthesize Me #383

https://www.mixcloud.com/oren-amram/synthesize-me-383-090820-hour-1/ https://www.mixcloud.com/oren-amram/synthesize-me-383-090820-hour-2/ Hour 1 Zoon Politicon - Special Kind Of Love Beborn Beton - She Cried (Extended Club Remix) Pet Shop Boys - Beautiful Laundrette Man Parrish & Steven Jones - IOU christopher ANTON - I Want To Be Broken reAdjust - Promised Land Eloquent - Nothing But Trouble (People Theatre's Handsome Mix) Projekt Ich feat. Stereo In Solo - Sexy Silly Girl (People Theatre's Ostinato Mix) Fused - Never […]

todayAugust 10, 2020


Synthtopia With John Tupper #42

1.Seabound-Everything 2014 2.Mind Machine-Letter never written remixed by Circuit 3 2019 3.Eloquent-Circus Disco 2009 4.Raindancer-Everything and more 2005 5.Subject:2-Inspiration 2020 6.Ruined Conflict-Ghost 2020 7.Transcendent 7-Control 2020 8.Frozen Plasma-Rivers 2020 9.Birmingham Electric-Light of World Mark Reeders Shining light Mix 2020 10.Robert Marlow-Stars 2009 11.Secret Service-Different 2008 12.Nature of Wires feat Laeatherstrip-A heart so divine 2020 https://www.mixcloud.com/john-tupper/synthtopia-with-john-tupper-42-july-12-2020/?fbclid=IwAR0-2smPaL2g8ABecUBY9BtmVlus2sx4MBL8W9PSwfzGM7VZEluMxSLOiBY

todayJuly 13, 2020

The Sol Of Synthpop

The Sol of Synth-Pop: American Independents Day Special

https://www.mixcloud.com/SynthPopSol/the-sol-of-synth-pop-american-independents-day-special-hour-1-5-july-2020/ https://www.mixcloud.com/SynthPopSol/the-sol-of-synth-pop-american-independents-day-special-hour-2-5-july-2020/ HOUR 1: Figures On A Beach - Accidentally 4th Street (Gloria) T42 - Don't Let My Love Anything Box - Every Single Day Darwin Mcd feat. Eric C Powell - Click HUGUENOT - It's Easy (Fiben Remix) Eminent Sol - Listen. Love. Repeat. Christopher ANTON - Danger! Mind Machine - Clouds Of Doubt (Fused Sacred 7" Mix) Seven Red Seven - You're The Answer Red Flag - My […]

todayJuly 6, 2020 1

Synthesize Me

Synthesize Me #375

https://www.mixcloud.com/oren-amram/synthesize-me-375-140620-hour-1/ https://www.mixcloud.com/oren-amram/synthesize-me-375-140620-hour-2/ Hour 1 VNV Nation - Genesis (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next to Me) (VNV Nation Victoria remix) Helix Pulsar - This Love (Oren Amram Club Mix) Insight - Alive (Techni-ka Remix) The Second Sight – I Close My Eyes Xparadox - Time To Heal (extended mix) Wiegand - Floating Away (Midnight Resistance remix) Boytronic - Can't wait a Second (!distain 80s Remix) […]

todayJune 15, 2020