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The Sol Of Synth-Pop – the Best of 2018

29 December 2018

  HOUR 1: Michael Oakley – Rabbit In The Headlights (Michael Cassette Mix) Information Society – Nothing Prevails All Hail The Silence – Diamonds In The Snow Spirit City – Isn’t It Strange? Train to Spain – Monsters Tom Bailey – Science Fiction Eric C Powell – True The Distant Minds – Proof Of Life Mind […]

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Synthesize Me #303

9 December 2018

Hour 1 Wiegand – Floating Away (Wiegand Aftershow Remix) Mondträume – Broken Wings Eurotix – Hypnotized Mental Discipline feat. Lights Of Euphoria – Lifekiller Eloquent – Nothing But Trouble (Nature of Wires Remix) Covenant – Bullet (Club Version) DarwinMcD and Huguenot – Run (Parralox Radio Remix) Parralox feat. Marcella Detroit – Paradise (People Theatre’s Parapluie […]

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 046

6 October 2018

hour 1 – Music featured this hour includes: Nu Shooz, Pet Shop Boys, Shannon, Erasure, New Order, Yazoo, Timex Social Club, and more! hour 2 – Music featured this hour includes: The Midnight, Elevate The Sky, FM-84, Ollie Wride, All Hail The Silence, Eloquent, The Distant Minds, Stereo In Solo, and more!         Please […]

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The Sol of Synth-Pop: Show 045

29 September 2018

1st hour – Music featured this hour includes: OMD, China Crisis, Erasure, Breakfast Club, Depeche Mode, Real Life, Abba, and more! 2nd hour – Music featured this hour includes: Parralox, Kalax, Timecop1983, Vanbot, Miami Nights 1984, Eloquent, Uncreated, Hollowlove, and more!             Please follow and like us:

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New Dreams For Old #60

10 July 2018

NDFO#60.1 1. Pet Shop Boys Love Comes Quickly 2. Polarkreis 18 Allein allein 3. Felix Räuber Effigy (feat. Scott Matthew) [Single Edit] 4. Beyond Obsession Beautiful Pain 5. Sono Let Go 6. Faith Assembly Cascade 7. Eloquent Moonlight Over London 8. Latour People Are Still Having Sex 9. The Twins Living for the Future 10. […]

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New Dreams For Old #59

3 July 2018

NDFO#59.1 1. Melotron Willkommen 2. Melotron Alles auf Anfang 3. Electro Spectre The Way You Love 4. U96 Zukunftsmusik (feat. Wolfgang Flür) 5. U96 Angels (feat. Terri B!) 6. U96 Quo vadis (feat. Joachim Witt) 7. CRACKDOWN Smiles a lot 8. Johan Baeckstrom Blinded 9. 0Kontrol The Void 10. Seabound Torch (Monozelle) 11. And One […]

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New Dreams For Old #55

29 May 2018

NDFO#55.1 1. eXcubitors Intro/Lost My Mind 2. Claire Burn 3. Sombre moon Prayer 4. De/Vision They Won’t Silence Us (Extended Version) 5. Blue Images Don’t Forget Me (feat. Reagan Jones) 6. Blue Images False Illusion (feat. Jürgen Engler) 7. OUL You Are All 8. Sea of Sin Truth 9. M.I.N.E Meormy 10. M.I.N.E Reach Out […]

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